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21 West Visayas State University - Iloilo

Nursing graduates of this institution never brag that they're the best, but they let their performance in board exams speak for themselves. And the result? Year in and year out, the WVSU-Iloilo is consistently the number ONE performing nursing school in the Philippines with 100% passing mark! Need I say more?

Nope, I'm not a nursing graduate of this prestigious institution. Just an admirer!

Graduate from this institution does not only have the knowledge and the skills to be a great nurse but most of all they possess the attitude and the heart of a true nurse

Always 100% board passing rate. Basta WEST the BEST!

Just watch every June NLE top performing schools... if not contented, check who's on the top spot the last 10-15 years... November NLEs don't count, it is for slow learners who need more time to review their what they have learned in school. WVSU College of Nursing trains and educates their students well how to be the best...

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22 University of San Agustin
23 St. Paul University Philippines

Top Nursing School in the Philippines!

24 Central Philippine University

This year, among Iloilo universities which offer nursing course, only CPU produced 3 topnotchers.What can WVSU, USA, & SPU-I say about this? Sorry, I'm just asking...

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25 Southern Luzon State University
26 Mariano Marcos State University

Sa DMMMSU friendly and mga teachers at naibibigay nila and facilities na kailangan ng students

27 Western Mindanao State University
28 Velez College

Board passing always more than 90%.. screening of applicants is excellent.. applicants should have a grade of 90 and above...

29 New Era University

Top performing school every year.

Always 95% or higher passing rate.. and produce the top 2 and top 1 on the dec 2012 and dec 2013 NLE...

30 University of Pangasinan

The best in region 1... At par with the best in the Philippines

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31 Manila Tytana Colleges
32 Ateneo de Naga University
33 Brokenshire College
34 Ateneo de Davao University

If you want a future for nursing, well go to ADDU, focused and priority at its best

35 Cavite State University
36 Lyceum of the Philippines University
37 Centro Escolar University

The best school focusing in science and virtue.

38 Philippine Christian University
39 Adventist University of the Philippines

Such a very nice school.

40 Notre Dame University
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