Top 10 Nuts


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1 Pistachio

Pistachio's are the best! Their salty and scrumptious which makes them super yummy!


Why did I read this list? I hate all nuts they make me go 🙅

2 Cashew

Only if these weren't that expensive!

What? cashews are gross


3 Pecan

Nasty little buggers - CameronBinder

4 Peanut

Peanuts are the best, especially planters.

They are legumes

5 Walnut
6 Almond

How is it sixth? It destroys pistachios

My favorite yas

7 Hazelnut

I love hazelnuts they r so crunchy and nice!

8 Brazil Nut
9 Chestnut

Foraging for them in mid October is one of autumn's highlights. They have a subtle flavour raw, but roasting them brings out a very sweet earthy buttery flavour ; gorgeous!

10 Macadamia

The Contenders

11 Pine Nut

PINE NUTS ARE THE NUTS OF LIFE. THEY ARE SO BEASTLY AND YUMMIFUL. I recommend to everyone to pick up a few bags from the grocery store. They are super healthy ^^ don't make you FAT

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