Nuttiest Madness Songs

Some of the nuttiest and best Madness songs with the strangest lyrics in music history.

The Top Ten

1 One Step Beyond

Nutty and great to stomp to. When Mother's not around of course... ! - Britgirl

Great opener at any madness event.

It's a funny great song. And I love that sax! - keyson

It's the nuttiest song around! - Songsta41

2 Baggy Trousers

"Naughty boys in nasty schools. Headmasters breaking all the rules. Having fun and playing fool, smashing up the woodwork tools..." - Britgirl

They played this song in one of my school's end of year assemblies during a slideshow of all of the sports teams. We laughed. - PositronWildhawk

3 House of Fun

About a sixteen year old boy becoming sexually active and buying his first packet... - Britgirl

Damn! I used to think this song was about a birthday party but a sixteen year old becoming sexually active Damn itโ€™s so subtle ๐Ÿ˜‚ Madness has my full respects

4 Night Boat to Cairo
5 Driving In My Car

This is just bizarre!
"I like driving in my car, even with a flat ti-re..." Haha - Britgirl

6 Cardiac Arrest
7 Our House

Yes This is my Fave Madness Song laugh out loud in Canada this Song is the theme song for one of our Coffee Commercials - Curti2594

8 Bed and Breakfast Man
9 Walking With Mr. Wheeze
10 Benny Bullfrog

The Contenders

11 Nw5
12 My Girl
13 Embarrassment

Number 1 in my book.
I been a fan since I heard saw The Prince on TOTP. bought all the singles albums, picture discs and 12 inch singles.
I'm now 50 and still listen to them, although I like loads of other stuff they are my go to band... My comfort music.
The album Absolutely, is their best work by a country mile, a social commentary, a masterpiece. It's a hugely overlooked album as is Madness as a band and their contribution to British Music.
Madness music is all about a bitter sweet stomp and Embarrassment is the best example of it.

14 It Must Be Love
15 Michael Caine

good song - Jiorl

16 The Prince
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