Top Ten Nuzlocke Let's Plays on YouTube

The Nuzlocke Challenge is a popular fan-made ruleset for the Pokemon games, and it's popular amongst the YouTube community, so here are the best ones!

The Top Ten

1 ProJared's FireRed Nuzlocke

Come on, this is the Nuzlocke everyone has seen, how could it NOT be #1? - LarkwingFlight

This playthrough made me begin to nuzlocke.

2 PBG's Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

PBG's first Nuzlocke really shines when he gets through tough challenges with little knowledge of the Pokemon series. - LarkwingFlight

3 Polygon Pokemon y Nuzlocke

This guy is hilarious, and he makes the nuzlocke not feel slow

4 TyranitarTube's Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer

Gotta love the expanded story! Believe in the Peeko! - LarkwingFlight

5 Marriland's Black Wedlocke

This is a cute, fun twist on the regular Nuzlocke challenge. - LarkwingFlight

6 GameXplain's Yellow Nuzlocke

Although half of it was grinding, that makes it feel more like you're experiencing the Nuzlocke yourself! - LarkwingFlight

7 ShadyPenguinn's Leaf Green Shadylocke

With more restrictions and unnecessary additional rules, the Shadylocke is the hardest version of the Nuzlocke there is! - LarkwingFlight

8 MunchingOrange's Sweet Nuzlocke

I thought this one was fun, it's worth watching if you enjoy fan games. - LarkwingFlight

9 SuperCarlinGaming's Pearl Nuzlocke

Great editing, facecam for once, and a lovable Pokemon team, this one is entertaining the whole way through. - LarkwingFlight

10 ProJared's Y Nuzlocke

Not as good as his FireRed Nuzlocke, but still entertaining! - LarkwingFlight

The Contenders

11 MandJTVPokevids' Platinum Nuzlocke

I think it's neat to watch someone experience the Nuzlocke for the first time, and this is a good example. - LarkwingFlight

12 Mumkey Jones Crystal Nuzlocke

Harsh difficulty and entertaining host.

13 SuperCarlinGaming's FireRed Nuzlocke

Maybe a bit sloppily edited from time to time, but still really funny and entertaining! - LarkwingFlight

14 PB&Jeff's FireRed Randomizer Nuzlocke
15 SuperCarlinGaming's Black Nuzlocke
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