Top Ten Best NYVES Songs

NYVES are a recently-formed electronic band formed by Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark and Project 86 guitarist Randy Torres. The band takes a less extreme approach to their music, in favor of a deep, ambient sound with smooth vocals. Here are the best songs from this new band.

The Top Ten

1 Fools

While this may not have been a single from the Anxiety album, it definitely packs a bigger punch than anything else on the album. It takes the smooth electronics and adds in a gripping chorus with amazing vocals. - AngryByrd

2 Return

No single from this album shows near how great the band sounds like Return. It never really picks up a whole lot, but it's a beautiful song that seems to numb me every time I listen to it. - AngryByrd

3 Smoking Gun
4 Idle Thoughts

Easily the least mellow song on the album, this song really shows off Ryan Clark's vocals. - AngryByrd

5 Just Give Up
6 Light
7 Something Divine
8 The Exit

The instrumental break on this song reminds me a LOT of Nine Inch Nails. - AngryByrd

9 Parasites
10 Fall Behind
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