Greatest O2jam Artists


The Top Ten

1 BeautifulDay

This is the most amazing artist on O2jam, he made masterpieces for this game in the past and one of the most popular tracks for the old O2jam, his tracks are:

Fly Magpie
Bride in Dream
A Christmas Memory (Origin)
Kan Kan
and Brahms

these are the most famous track I O2jam I listed, there are plenty of tracks made by BeautifulDay, like Bach Alive, Vivaldi in Dream, etc. - Denis01

2 Red Pulse

He made tracks like: Go Hell, Trance World, In the hall of the Mountain King, In My Fantasia, Please Don't Go, Distro X, Poison, etc. - Denis01


He made some awesome and epic tracks for the old o2jam like: Identity (I, II, III and IV), Death Moon (1 and 2), Imagination, Silver Moon Love, RosEHoliC, Soda Love, etc.

and also famous for making tracks for all Asian rhythm games in this world. - Denis01

4 Memme

This composer powerful and epic songs for the O2jam to make the players addicted, The songs are sooo awesome, trust me, listen to one of them, there's a list with some songs Memme did:

Black Dragon
BSPower Explosion
Extreme Fantasy
Battle of Fate
Plasma Gun
NEW Astronomas
BooBoo (Memme Remix)
Escape Friday
Halloween Mercury
and More - Denis01

5 FE

He made tracks like Xeroize, love love Melody, Wings of Wind, Perfume, Don't Stop, CLOSER, etc.

I know quite few soundtracks of FE but I'm sure he's quite popular in O2jam. - Denis01

6 r300k

He made soundtracks like: Rusty Sky, Headless Chicken, Blackout, Star Steam, Please, etc.

he made quite good tracks on O2jam, not much as he did in other rhythm games but he did awesome tracks on SoundCloud. - Denis01

7 Studio DOMA

He made soundtracks like: V3 II (feat.Kim SeHwang, KoN), Chorus, Manitto, Mail Rider, Romantic Horse, Marvel Super Miracle, Cat Symphony, Tiger Moth, Exam Hell (Final Round), etc. - Denis01

8 Warak

He made songs like: A Christmas Memory, Invitation II, Revival On, Choral, Demolished Soon, The Trace, Warak The Entertainer, etc. - Denis01

9 M2U

He was very famous for almost all rhythm games in the industry! - Denis01

10 Dr.Flower Shirts

He made one of the most popular song: the remix of Canon (Canon in O2jam version). - Denis01

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