Top Ten Object Chaos Characters

The Top Ten

1 Circle

O great circle I will vote for you so you shall not use your mighty mighty powers to incinerate me!

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2 Sun
3 Ribbon

Ribbon is the nicest character. She cares for both her competitors and the game.

4 Moon

At first when I saw him on the intro, I thought he would moon people, so I'm glad he doesn't, but moon might be weird, but I like his design.

5 Building Blocks

Building Blocks is doing so well!

6 Potatoey

I like anything having to do with potatoes. And potatoey is no exception.

7 Bread

I like the old bread much better! Why did he go normal when he rejoined? The world will never know.

8 Face

I liked face but got tired of him. He just got old.

9 Earthy

I like earthy's meanness. There has to always be an antagonist.

10 Plastic Bag

The best worshiper of circle. Kind of a floater, though.

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