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Why did someone not make this already! I figured I had to do it!

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21 Object Survival Island

Object survival is the best show of all time, the characters are amazing unique and they all have different personalities. The last episodes really get deep into the plot and it still keeps the humour around

Yay - TheTopTenVoter

This Object show is by xXBombs_ AwayXx. Watch it. It's legit.

My favorite contestants are Compass and Lime

22 SugarFrenzy

But it's a camp though, but nothing said that camps aren't allowed. - SoaPuffball

23 Battle For Escape

It's a camp. A very popular camp

There is a season 2? right?

24 Through the Woods

It's a really cute and lighthearted show!

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25 Mystique Island

I would have liked it if it more than 1 episode I only dislike beanie and girder

Only 1 episode and the longest hiatus ever but it's still an object show

Nacho is awesome so he spices up the game

26 Random Object Battle Royal

This will get 0%

27 Object Insanity

This show is amazing the characters are different and reboot comes soon I think my favorites are perfume and fish food I like everyone

Episode 4 had a lot of English voices like when TNT said just leave me alone it sounded like an English kid getting mad and Deoderant had the voice of an English bully Fish food sounds like an English girl Perfume is an exception and she sounds American

Object insanity voices sound English because I am English I know.

It is really cool

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28 Object Big Brother

I don't know this show.

29 Object Brawl
30 Mixels

This is not an object show. Whoever put this either made an mistake, is dumb, or did it for fun. - Tyabcd

Also not an object show

Seriously? That's a T.V. show not an elimniaton object show

Are you kidding me?

31 Paper Puppets

Since YellowAngiru didn't know how to animate, he decided to draw some inanimate objects on paper, cut them out and then used the drawings as the characters. Real original! No, really!

I love this since it's not animated the challenges aren't like in bfdi their different and that makes them cool

I love this show so much I was so sad when slipper was eliminated and sen to the WHITE BOX OF DOOM
it messed it up when it got animated

Paper puppets hmmm. Cool animation so bad (cause their isn't animation) and pp really good

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32 Pencil 2.O

No one said that episodes without a competition didn't count either!

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33 Shape Battle

Only made 3 episodes so far! Pretty bad but there is not much object shows and it does not have loud voices and not good animations

Actually there are 4 episodes and red circle and hexagon went home

This show is AWFUL PURE GARBAGE there are lines that make no sense (see episode 4). Red circle is the only one who gets screen time and the cameos are really annoying - Wudzer

The writing is great but the characters are bland

This show is eh

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34 Object Universe

The creator couldn't cope with the current characters so he had to put a few more in and remove all the ones he didn't like to end the season lmao... Awful. Not to mention the blatant rigging for Ice Cream, the producers favourite e.e


35 Object Chaos

The inspiring first object show that uses text. It's a little strange but good.

Season 2 is better but I enjoyed it to bad it's deleted

36 Object Chaos Season 2

I love it was so sad to see building blocks gone he and diamond were my favorites

Season 2 isn't as good as 1 but it's growing on me.

37 Object Mania
38 Object Awesomeness
39 Object Redundancy

This show shows all problems with object shows like cameos, cursing, and mostly it misses the point of an object show, being an innocent competition with LIKEABLE characters. Not to mentio the horrible title - Wudzer

I love the idea of an adult object show. It should a little higher on the list even though it's PowerPoint. This show kicks ass

40 Million Dollar Melee

It's not released yet but it sounds awesome! I here there are some very interesting characters.

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