Top 10 Object Shows

Object Shows are very popular, and there isn't a list of Top 10 OSs yet, so, why not?

The Top Ten

1 Inanimate Insanity (II)

I don't know an episode where I haven't laughed. Their humor is great. Also, love their plots as well. - TheEliteComet

This is the best object show ever! - listotaku17

2 Battle For Dream Island (Again)

Eyo still voting on the original - SoaPuffball

BFB (Battle for B.F.D.I [Battle for Dream Island]) was better - HunterBoy

3 Object Overload

OO is really hilarious as well - TheEliteComet

4 Object Mayhem
5 Object Universe/Twoniverse
6 Strive For The Million
7 Challenge to Win
8 Object Land
9 Object Destination
10 Battle for B.F.D.I.

I love the art style for this show. It's simple and funny. I also enjoy the fact that they combined all the show, and added other characters to the mix. Plus, the hosts (Four and X) are comedic and interesting. The voice acting for many characters is very good. The characters seem very likable and realistic (even Fanny, unbelievably).

This object show has a screechy meme!

The Contenders

11 Next Top Thingy
12 Brawl of the Objects

Why freeze people if they lose? - HunterBoy

13 Shape World
14 Battle for Dream Island

The show that started it all. Why so low on the list?

15 Object Redundancy
16 Object Lockdown
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