Top 10 Obscure Bob The Builder Vehicles

The Top Ten

1 R.Vee

I put R.Vee at the highest spot because he is the bob the builder vehicle the had the least amount of screentime out of all bob the buidler vehicles! That's sad because he has an awesomne design! He has a unique voice as well. Some may say Scoot and Jackaroo should be ahead of him because at least R.Vee has a friction toy vehicle that isn't too rare to find, but for some reason I think R.Vee should be at the highest spot anyway. And this is why he is at the number #1 spot! - darthvadern

2 Jackaroo

I actually once found a toy of him at a thrift store once. - myusernameisthis

Dodger's underused cousin, although I can kinda understand since he's more of a western vehicle, he is very obscure and rarely made any appearences, on top of that it's almost impossible to find a friction toy vehicle on him so he is definitely high up! He is also the only vehicle that actually moved his mouth when he talked, so that's another obscure point - darthvadern

3 Scoot

Zoomer's female cousin who isn't nearly as known, in fact she's so unknown Born To Play didn't even make a friction toy vehicle out of her! She is very awesomne and shows strength in the movie she appeared in. I just wished she had a purple lightning bolt like Zoomer has a yellow lightning bolt. Oh well, Scoot is definitely one of the most obscure vehicles in the series! - darthvadern

4 Splasher

Spasher is very obscure since he is one of the few vehicles who isn't a construction machine, and he is very rare in episodes as well, I am suprised they brought him back in Ready Steady Build but I like that - darthvadern

5 Gripper

Gripper and Grabber are two brothers that have rarely made any cameos, the most notable cameos were from the movie Race to the Finish, however I haven't seen the movie and have only seen the episode Breezy Bristle where they appeared. - darthvadern

6 Grabber

See my comment for Gripper - darthvadern

7 Bristle

Both him and Bristle are very obscure characters that I for some reason fit togheter. I think Bristle is the most obscure of those because not only did he only appear in two episodes in total, no one knows who his owner is which makes him very unique, making him the only vehicle in the series whose owner is unknown - darthvadern

8 Dodger

Dodger is one of those guys who only had a few appearences. Those were some of my favourite episodes ever! But then agian Dodger is my favourite character from the whole show - darthvadern

9 Sumsy

Trix's underrated cousin. She only appeared in Project: Build It and has probably the better design and is my favourite of the two. She's obscure because let agian, she doesn't appear in many episodes - darthvadern

10 Tumbler

He is the biggest vehicle in the series not including Rubble from Ready Steady Build and I honestly find him obscure since he very underused and every time he actually is in an episode I love it! So yeah he is obscure to be honest - darthvadern

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