Top Ten Most Obscure Letters of the Latin Alphabet

Yesterday I made a list of the most obscure movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and considering I was doing obscure lists I thought "you know what, let's make another obscure related list", so I did the most obscure letters of the latin alphabet. I insist. It's probably the most obscure list I have ever done yet so far, at least since "Top Ten Best Sounding Numbers from 1 - 10" and that wa when I first joined here. Anyways, with that being said, here is the lord of obscurity in terms of lists of Darthvadern.

The Top Ten

1 Q

Q. The one letter that's sometimes even forgotten about. One of the least used words in the english and swedish alphabet as well ever. And it's not too much of a surprise, considering the consonent is literally a K, and that's why words like Qatar and Question would just be written with a K instead of a Q and nothing would change at all. It's obviously the most obscure letter. - darthvadern

Such a forgettable letter - Randomator

Pretty much because that letter ALONE would just sound like a 'k'. There's a reason it's always followed by a 'u', to sound unique.

2 X

Without X there wouldn't be Xbox - HaloFanboy

The letter's pronounced eks, and to be honest it's not really a necessary letter at all to have. It's just two letters (e doesn't count), a k, and s. You could replace the x in "xylophone" with k and s to make it "ksyolophone" and nothing would change at all. As the third last letter in the alphabet, it truly is obscure, to be honest. - darthvadern

Not obscure if u watch pr0n all day and all night

It’s pretty useless honestly - Randomator

3 Z

The very last letter of the alphabet. Well, in most languages. Not in swedish or lithuanian. Anyway, that kinda makes it obscure. However it's quite obscure as well because it's (predictably) not frequently used at all. It makes a very cool sound as well. I mean just listen to it. It's awesome. - darthvadern

It’s obscure sure but it’s a great Letter - Randomator

4 W

Yes this one. No, it's not a "double U", nor an actual "double V" in english. It makes a completely different sound. This might be why this letter is so obscure considering the confusion and unuse mostly of this letter. While in english this letter is used frequently, hop onto Sweden and this is barely used at all really. Heck in swedish this is technically just a V, no big difference. - darthvadern

5 Y

Not really if you are Polish

Y is this letter so obscure? Just Y? I mean you can use this letter when you want to write down the word "why", instead of writing down the actual word considering this letter makes that sound. To be honest it's one obscure letter. But then agian the last letters of the alphabet weren't really meant to be used as much I guess. - darthvadern

6 J

J is not as frequently used as a letter. Heck, in swedish, this is technically just an I but more comfortable to use if it's the first letter in a word and the next is a vowel. However it's not nearly as obscure as the letters above for sure. It's used at times still and not too rare to find and that's good. - darthvadern

7 H

Heich. Yeah. Heich. Yeah this is not a frequent letter to find. What I see as the angriest and toughest letter of the alphabet is actually a rather shy alphabet considering it's not too often you find this letter. Yeah sure in english you find it at times but not too common. Besides it's pronounced "heich" when alone. Yeah we're talking real obscurity here. - darthvadern

8 C

Alright now we are getting into the less obscure letters. Now, while this is the third letter in the alphabet and is one of the stars of the latin alphabet along with A and B, one difference this one bears from those two is the frequency of this letter found through out words and sentences. Yeah it's not nearly as common to find like A or B. Besides it's basically just an S in modern times as well. It doesn't have the same legacy it used to have, luckily in lithuanian it's still pronounced like "ts". - darthvadern

9 G

Yeah nothing really that obscure but compared to the rest of the "relevant" letters, this is among the bottom in terms of frequency. Not only does it's smaller letter have two different variants but really, it's not that common either. Yeah I've said this with every letter on here but it's true. - darthvadern

10 V

V isn't really that common when you think about it. Yeah it's not really obscure but not really common either to be honest. It's a bit in the middle. I'd classify it as a relevant one, but, it's definitely among the least frequent of the relevant letters - darthvadern

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