Top 10 Observations About Smiles

The Top Ten

1 A smile for someone is sweet, but making others smile is the best feeling
2 Use your smile to change the world but don't let world change your smile
3 When life gives you hundred reason to cry, give life thousand reason to smile
4 A warm smile is a universal language of Kindness
5 A smile is a best makeup a girl can wear
6 A smile is something you cannot give away, It always come back
7 Every smile makes you a day younger

I've been smiling my whole life I'm 12 but I look like I'm 100

Smile uses only 13 muscles - Ananya

8 A smile is the best way to face any problem, crush any fear, hide every pain

Really? Mine must be broken, then. - Merilille

9 A smile can make short of any difficulty
10 To hack your tears give them the password "Smile"

The Contenders

11 Smiling with dimples looks very charming

Yeah smiling with dimples looks very charming. - zxm

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