Best Obsession Movies

The Top Ten Best Obsession Movies

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction really taught us a valuable lesson if you going to cheat on your wife be prepared to face the consequences.. - egnomac


THE best psychological thriller bar none. - Britgirl

Taxi Driver

Well...The movie doesn't have the theme of obsession, Some of Bickle's actions were like that, But it's not an obsession movie..though he was unstable, It was about many things that usually the observer doesn't notice in the first watch..It's greatly deep, It's about him, his world and what followed him throughout his life : Loneliness. - Ananya

Play Misty For Me
One Hour Photo

One of Robin Williams most underrated films its done very well its about a lonely photo technician who's obsessed with a family that he wants to be a part of and goes off the deep end when he finds out there not what he had hoped they would be. - egnomac

The Fan
Single White Female
The Cable Guy
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

This film inspired me to write my first novel. - Britgirl

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