Top 10 Most Obvious Examples of Bad Taste on TheTopTens


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1 "Foodfight is better than Jesus"
2 "Even a squashed-up bug on the kitchen floor is better than Arthur"
3 "Nintendo makes bad games with bad graphics"

(cough) literally EVERY Metroid game besides the first two (cough)

Should I also mention modern-day Mario and Zelda as well, while I'm at it?

Or F-Zero GX? Or the modern Smash Bros games? Or Kirby? Or Yoshi?

Or pretty much ANY classic Super Nintendo RPG? Or Castlevania ever since IV? - xandermartin98

4 "That is pretty funny humor that you think Undertale has humor; if you are looking for humor then try playing either Sonic Boom games"
5 "I absolutely DESPISE Rocko's Modern Life! Judging from this utterly GOD-AWFUL 1990s show, I also hate Camp Lazo as well! Grojband is the LITERAL greatest animated show of all time, followed closely by Miraculous Ladybug!"
6 "Sonic Unleashed is definitely WAY better than any of those terrible Metroid games, that's for sure"

TOTALLY not sarcasm - xandermartin98

7 Beethoven and Mozart aren't respectively ranked #1 and #2 on the Greatest Piano Players Of All Time list
8 "Mario Kart 8 is worst Mario Kart game"
9 Forrest Gump is unanimously ranked #1 on the Greatest Fictional Characters Of All Time list
10 "Parappa The Rapper: just as bad as Um Jammer Lammy"

The Contenders

11 "Opinions can't be wrong!"

Lol. Opinions are just what you think of something. I think you mean facts. - Hermione_Granger220

They can’t be wrong, but they can’t be right. - AliciaMae

12 "Toad is Trash"

I think I know who added this... - darthvadern

13 "Breath Of The Wild is, like, so totally lame and boring and stuff; so is Horizon Zero Dawn, more like Zero YAWN"

Is this an actual comment? I respect their opinion but I can’t take people that use “like, so totally” and “lame” seriously. - 3DG20

14 "Adventure Time is worse than the Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon"

Did someone say this? - 445956

15 "Liv and Maddie is the worst show EVER!"

It's worse than Caillou and Sanjay and Craig combined.

No, it really is. Are you braindead?

I'm not braindead, but how is this worse than Calliou or Sanjay and Craig?

16 "The Iron Giant needs to stop getting love"
17 "Lion King is worst Disney film"

"God-awful mess of a movie"?

No, I do not have bad taste in saying that this god-awful mess of a movie is the worst Disney film, or worst film overall, of all time. Stop shunning good ol' TLK haters like myself and leave us alone.

18 "Wendy is the best portrayal of women in the Mario series"
19 "Zero Punctuation is the third worst reviewer on YouTube"
20 "Jontron is a bad Youtuber"
21 "The most overrated video games on Earth are basically every fighting game that isn't Mortal Kombat"
22 "Lana Loud is a better waifu than Jammer Lammy"
23 "Game Boy Advance SP is #1 best gaming system"
24 "Danganronpa is the worst game franchise on PS Vita"
25 Alphys is ranked considerably above Undyne on lists of Hottest Female Characters in both Undertale and general video games
26 "Futurama and Rick & Morty are two of the worst adult cartoons ever created"
27 "Danny Phantom is the worst show ever"
28 "Junko and Nagito are worst Danganronpa characters"
29 "Undertale should be ranked as worst game ever because of its annoying fanbase"
30 Final Fantasy VII is ranked as #1 on the list of Best Final Fantasy Games
31 Parappa The Rapper has barely even reached the top 100 of Best Original Playstation Games
32 Eddie Vedder is ranked only #57 on the list of Best Musical Singers of All Time
33 Thom Yorke is ranked only #123 on the list of Best Musical Singers of All Time
34 "Laney Penn from Grojband is best redheaded fictional character of all time, end of discussion"
35 "Call Of Duty is best FPS game"
36 "Lion King and Kingdom Hearts are officially the two absolute worst things ever created"

This is not bad taste. This is the truth. They are the worst. Not the best.

TLK and KH are both great.

37 The Iron Giant is ranked only #33 on the list of Best Animated Movies of All Time while Shrek is in the top 10
38 "All books are so boring and I hate them so much"
39 "Alphys is worst Undertale character"
40 "Ren & Stimpy is easily seven times better of an overall animated series than Rocko's Modern Life"
41 Super Metroid is ranked nearly into the top 20 of Worst Super Nintendo Games Of All Time
42 "I Hate Everything is worst Youtuber ever"
43 "Frozen is the best Disney film hands-down"
44 Freddy Got Fingered is ranked only #7 on the list of Worst Movies Of All Time
45 "Frozen is the worst movie ever created"

If it wasn't as popular as it was, I bet that many people would at least find it to be tolerable. - Cyri

There are indeed worse movies contrary to popular belief around here

46 Spongebob Squarepants is #1 on the list of Greatest Cartoons Of All Time
47 "Nicki Minaj: Sexiest Woman Alive"
48 Freddy Got Fingered is ranked only #8 on the list of Stupidest Movies Of All Time
49 "Mario and Zelda are two of the worst videogame franchises ever created"
50 One of the lists of Worst Playstation 2 Games contains games like Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank and God Of War, all at extremely high rankings
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