Top Ten Oddest and Scariest Types of Massage

Ten of the oddest or scariest massages, not nessicarily in any order!

The Top Ten

1 Biting Massage

Imagine breaking flesh! Or all those germs! - Smelborp

2 Snake / Spider Massage

Do I have to say it? - Smelborp

3 Fire Cup Massage

Lighting a cup on fire and then letting it sit on your back for a bit...scary - Smelborp

4 Body on body massage

I'm kinkshaming. - Smelborp

5 Tongue Massage

Massaging someone with your tongue..must be a sexual partner sort of thing - Smelborp

6 Feather Massage

I wouldn't be able to stop squirming - Smelborp

7 ASMR massage

Although not scary, ASMR massages are very odd. ASMR is supposed to represent how sometimes certain touches, sounds, tastes, or sights can trigger a tingly feeling through out the person's body. Hearing ASMR massages means someone whispering in your ear while rubbin' ya. Super odd. - Smelborp

8 Cat Massage

Letting a cat walk all over me might not be too bad, honestly - Smelborp

9 Knife Massage

Although the blades are dull, getting hit with knives repetively on the back is a scary thought! - Smelborp

10 Indian Street Massage

An Indian Street Massage involves a lot of hitting, pulling, and even sometimes punching. It can be very scary for those who are only used to UK/American/Canadian massage and doesn't know what they're getting into! - Smelborp

The Contenders

11 Ashiatsu Massage

This is when you walk on somebody’s back to massage them. Very common in Asians. When I was a kid my dad forced me to do this to him, and I saw a commercial for a spa in Los Angeles where they offer this type of massage.

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