Top Ten Oddest and Scariest Types of Massage

Ten of the oddest or scariest massages, not nessicarily in any order!

The Top Ten

Biting Massage

Imagine breaking flesh! Or all those germs! - Smelborp

Snake / Spider Massage

Do I have to say it? - Smelborp

Fire Cup Massage

Lighting a cup on fire and then letting it sit on your back for a bit...scary - Smelborp

Body on body massage

I'm kinkshaming. - Smelborp

Tongue Massage

Massaging someone with your tongue..must be a sexual partner sort of thing - Smelborp

Feather Massage

I wouldn't be able to stop squirming - Smelborp

ASMR massage

Although not scary, ASMR massages are very odd. ASMR is supposed to represent how sometimes certain touches, sounds, tastes, or sights can trigger a tingly feeling through out the person's body. Hearing ASMR massages means someone whispering in your ear while rubbin' ya. Super odd. - Smelborp

Cat Massage

Letting a cat walk all over me might not be too bad, honestly - Smelborp

Knife Massage

Although the blades are dull, getting hit with knives repetively on the back is a scary thought! - Smelborp

Indian Street Massage

An Indian Street Massage involves a lot of hitting, pulling, and even sometimes punching. It can be very scary for those who are only used to UK/American/Canadian massage and doesn't know what they're getting into! - Smelborp

The Contenders

Ashiatsu Massage

This is when you walk on somebody’s back to massage them. Very common in Asians. When I was a kid my dad forced me to do this to him, and I saw a commercial for a spa in Los Angeles where they offer this type of massage.

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