Oddest Things People Like to Eat

I simply cannot fathom why anyone would think any of these would be a good idea to eat.

The Top Ten

1 Raw Bacon

I caught my brother eating this from the packet. When he saw my stunned expression, through a mouthful he incredulously said "What?! " - Britgirl

2 Raw Mushrooms

These are meant to be eaten fried with eggs, (cooked) bacon etc... - Britgirl

3 Cold Chicken Skin

Cold chicken skin is seriously gross stuff. Why would you have chicken cold, anyway, unless well cooked and highly spiced, but most of all, how do you swallow those shrivelled heaps of flaccid flesh without choking? - PositronWildhawk

It goes really fatty and rubbery after it's been left. Why someone would want this anywhere near their mouth is beyond me. - Britgirl

4 Ice Cream

Really? I love ice cream! But to each his own, I suppose. And raw bacon?! Ick! - PetSounds

I've NEVER liked ice cream. Ugh! - Britgirl

5 Raw Bacon Fat

You're obviously ill and therefore you have my sympathy. Get well soon! - Britgirl

I won't eat any meat fat, but raw? Yuck. - Haumea

6 Blue Stilton Cheese

The smell alone should be enough to deter you. , - Britgirl

7 Wasabi Peanuts

I adore wasabi peanuts. But prefer wasabi peas. They're delicious. - PositronWildhawk

I actually like wasabi but with penuts? Eww! - Britgirl

8 Cold Baked Beans

Warm beans are bad enough!

9 Two Minute Boiled Egg

The egg law states the perfect boiled egg is three minutes. These offenders are breaking it (the egg law, not the actual egg (! ) - Britgirl

10 Burned Popcorn

This is delicious

Euhck! How could anybody like burned popcorn!? It tastes... Too... Burned! - higgsboson2142

The Contenders

11 Jelly

Can't stand the thought of this wobbling around in my mouth... - Britgirl

How is it weird...?

No way! - JackLawler

Grape jelly os good but strawberry is uckkk

12 Ox Penis

I love ox penis it taste like Chicken!

Ok, cattle testicles I can understand, but cattle penis sounds all kind of wrong - puncity

13 Chocolate-covered Grasshoppers
14 Cold Pizza

Its not really bad unless its like frozen and not actaully cooked

I LOVE cold pizza - JackLawler

15 Balut

These are good

16 Battered Mars Bar

Fried mars chocolate tastes amazing! - puncity

17 Cheese

How is this on the list? Cheese is in many products! - Minecraftcrazy530

18 Sushi

Are you out of your mind? I like sushi. - JackLawler

19 Pickled Pigs Feet

Just, why?!

20 PB&J Sandwiches PB&J Sandwiches
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