Top Ten Most Offensive Comments on the Internet

The Top Ten

There are nothing but idiots on YouTube

It's true... I agere! The popular pepole act like idiots... - ---ChargedZircon---

Actually the people in the YouTube comment section are stupid - ElSherlock

Atheists are so stupid

They're not stupid, but most I've seen are rude, same with other Christians and other religions.

Most smart sciencists are atheists

Every single piece of art on deviant art is bad

You can find good art on DeviantArt as long as you don't search anything bad

LOL some of the mare

Apple/Samsung users are retarded

Retarded is still used as an insult?

So this person is calling EVERYONE the r word...

Meat eaters should die

Did a PETA supporter said that? - ElSherlock

I'm vegetarian, BUT I'M NOT SHOVING IT UP EVERYONE'S NOSES! You can do what you want, except like, murdering people, I guess.

That’s like telling 98% of adults in the US they should die. Only 2% of adults in the United States are currently vegan or vegetarian. - Oxymoron15

You should kill yourself because you are autistic

This and the comment about people who eat meat are worse than the ones above because at least they are not telling people to die.

Whoever said this. I would punch that person in the face. This is offensive and I don't tolerate this.

Whoever thinks this is not the most offensive, I don't know what to say to you

Who the hell even...

I hate white people


God is real you idiots

I'm Christian, but that is outright rude and probably literal persecution. - SoongeBill

Calling people idiots for not believing in God shows how intolerant you are

I hate black people

Again, racist

Jews are greedy a**holes

This is antisemitic - ElSherlock

These are oddly specific. I feel like to make this list someone told there name random offensive comments. - ggggh

Tell me, have you ever seen the way that Filburt is portrayed in the Rocko's Modern Life fanfic Filburt's Postmodern Wife? Because that right there, let me tell you, is the literal EMBODIMENT of this - xandermartin98

The Contenders

Saying that people are beautiful even when they are lying

There are people in the world that I don't find very beautiful at all, and it's my opinion. So what!

F*** the human race

You hate yourself then? Since you are human

You will not replace us.


Gays are Stupid

I know some homosexuals who are smart

Lesbians are Stupid

This comment is stupid - ElSherlock

Girls are Trash

Sexist - ElSherlock

Boys are Trash

Again, sexist - ElSherlock

Religions are Terrible

Respect people's religions please

Screw you

Yes, someone replied my comment in that list; Things that Make Ralph Breaks the Internet a Terrible Movie. This is really offensive to say that.

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