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21 BullS**t

My history teacher used it a lot - I don't know about now, history isn't my subject - Ananya

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22 Gash

Haha I have a couple of female friends who hate it more than anything! So naturally on occasion I like to just throw it into the middle a conversation out of nowhere just to get a reaction and have a good belly laugh lol

I don't know what gash mean oh yay gash out loud

23 F***er

Usually meant to mean someone is rude, obnoxious, or rotten/mean/unkind.

very offensive word

24 Goddamn
25 Jesus
26 F***tard V 1 Comment
27 D**e

Die? - Review

28 R*****ed

What I find weird is that back in the early 2000's everyone was saying this word and throwing it around like its nothing and nobody cared, then 1 year all of a sudden we decided

I hate when people get bullied because of their disabilities.

People use this word a lot and it gets really annoying because half of those people probably don't know the true meaning of the word, and that is either mentally disabled or slow, not "SUCKS AT CALL OF DUTY! "

How is this not in the top ten?!

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29 Jesus

This is the name of our savior, and it's only bad when it's used vainly. (Like "OH JESUS CHRIST")

This word is only bad when you say it in vain

30 God
31 Furf**
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35 Pikey

Used on gypsy scum

36 W**k

To w@nk is to masterbait, simply get your c#nt/d! ck and hold it and move it around

37 Bloodclaat
38 Meecrob
39 Ch**o

Prison slang for child molester

'enough said

40 F**get
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