Top 10 Most Offensive Family Guy Episodes

The Absolutely most offensive Family Guy episodes ever aired or not air.
The Top Ten
1 Partial Terms of Endearment

The abortion episode, there's a reason why it never aired in America and also one scene Lois trys to get an abortion and Peter threatens to blow up the abortion clinic and Lois says "so your just gonna blow up a building full of people" and Peter replies "This is Family Guy Lois you know I'll do it",

2 Quagmire's Dad

Quagmires dad gets a sex change and Brian unknowingly has sex with him now as a woman and he vomits for almost 30 seconds. - egnomac

3 When You Wish Upon a Weinstein
4 Extra Large Medium

That Down Syndrome girl is a STUPID BITCH!

5 German Guy

As the name says Chris befriends a puppeteer who turns out to be a Natzi from the same concentration camp Herbert got sent to, and the in the ending after Franz dies Herbert just shoves him in the Oven. - egnomac

6 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

Brenda should've leave Jeff long time ago. She deserves better and Quagmire has defended his sister many times, even though he was scared off that violent and alcoholic bastard.

7 Padre De Familia

Peter starts a campaign against illegal imagrents and then Learns he was actually born in Mexico, in the scene where Peter's mom goes to Mexico to get an abortion and has these kids whack her like a pinata I did not find that funny at all - egnomac

8 No Chris Left Behind

Reasons why it was offensive the scene where their at the school for the Deaf theier having a prep rally and this one guy Goes I can't Hear You over and over again and also th part where Carter adopts a kid and laughs at him when he can't get in the car. - egnomac

9 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

Not only offensive to religion but it's also offensive to an animated movie of the same name (remove the word "Not").

This episode is offensive to both Christians and Atheists. It makes all Christians seem like extremists and makes all atheists seem like ignorant insecure asss. It's also very one sided.

10 Family Gay

Oh wait I remember

Offensive to LGBTQ+ people

wait wut

The Contenders
11 Seahorse Seashell Party

I'm very proud of Meg for standing up for herself. She is one EMPOWERING outcasts. Even though I Lois and she's one of my favorite Family Guy characters, she actually deserves it from Meg. Peter is still the worst character.

12 PTV
13 Peter's Two Dads
14 Turban Cowboy

This episode deserves to be banned world-wide! It's really THAT horrible! - Svampbob164

15 The Son Also Draws
16 Peter Problems
17 Brian Griffin's House of Payne
18 Ready, Willing and Disabled
19 Fresh Heir
20 If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'
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