Most Offensive Movies of All Time

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1 The Birth of a Nation

A movie where the KKK are the heroes and a group of blacks are the villains? Hearing that alone, I already know that that is offensive even without watching the movie?

How does this not too the list?!

2 A Serbian Film

Umm nope don't make me think about this

3 Cannibal Ferox
4 Antichrist
5 Salo: or the 120 Days of Sodom
6 Human Centipede
7 I Spit On Your Grave
8 The Song of the South
9 Cannibal Holocaust
10 Soul Man

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? Cats (2019)
? Forrest Gump

The kkk is in

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11 Kids

Let me quote the british actress Amelia Warner when she was talking about LA and the United States in general " I don't even really want to talk about how I hate LA... I'd like to say I love it, but I don't... And everyone thinks they're so crazy and wild and liberal and they're not...". She's right and if Americans are offended and shocked for movies like this one it's because they are so restricted in their way of thinking. I mean come on even the friendliest pet behaves more badly than this "kids".

12 Borat

What isn't offensive about this movie.

Rude. Offensive. Comedy genius,

People are really missing the point of this movie. This movie is basically a critique of American hypocrisy. Borat acts offensive to see if people will fall for it. So far, some people, like the rodeo organizer and fraternity boys, did, while an old family was dismayed when a black woman visited their house.

Other than that, hysterical movie. Very nice, high five!

13 Freaks (1932)
14 The Passion of the Christ
15 Irreversible
16 Ilsa: She Wolf of The SS
17 Freddy Got Fingered

Even the cover looks like Tom Green himself is shunning this film's ridiculous levels of comedic incompetence.

18 Bruno
19 Shōjo Tsubaki
20 9/11
21 Meet the Spartans
22 Hostel: Part II
23 National Lampoon's Pledge This!

Offensive to your IQ

24 Cruising
25 God's Not Dead 2
26 Tropic Thunder
27 Crash

It's one of the most racist movies in history and it won an Best Picture Oscar for it.

28 God's Not Dead
29 Pearl Harbor
30 Wall-E

How is this offensive?

This is so bad considering it actually defies certain people who think that global warming is a myth.

This isn't offensive, put Leaving Neverland on the list.

I'm confused

31 Mother!
32 Norbit
33 Team America World Police

Sex scenes and swearing aside. The fact that it portrays Kim Jong II in a ridiculous manner and many other celebrities like this and turn them over to fight for the evil Korean world leader is pretty darn offensive in my opinion.

"Everyone has AIDS! Sing along! "

Lol best lines ever, Dirka Dirka, Dirka alah Mohammad jihad, Alec Baldwin and don't forget Matt Damon

34 South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

It's super funny, actually, it may be offensive, but that doesn't stop it from being very funny

35 A Clockwork Orange
36 I'm Not Ashamed
37 Showgirls

Mym mom got extremely offended by this

38 Tentacolino
39 The Lorax
40 Life of Brian

The whole movie is a satire on the life of Jesus. There is an argument to be made that the whole movie is pure sacrilege.

41 Jackass: The Movie

It's stupid. Their's no there way to describe it.

... I don't get it. whats offensive about 5 or 6 guys doing stupid things to make us laugh?

42 The Dictator

I can't think of one religion, race or ethnicity not made fun of in this movie.

Such a horrible, horrible movie.

43 Gummo

Not to be confused with 6IX9INE’s song.

44 Taxi Driver

It will offend a lot of snowflakes today in this environment.

45 Eurotrip

A lot of Europeans are gonna be pretty pissed at this movie.

46 300

NOting about this movie is true none of Iranians shahs ever looked like that this movie is so offensive to Iranian people if there's one thing that Iranians R proad of is our great history unfortunately we r not that great now and we can't even make a such movies about our history but that doesn't mean anyone can just make a historical movie full of blood and violence just to make a pile of money shame on who ever made this movie the great shah of Iran korosh kabir proclaimed the oldest known decleration of humen rights which cotains respect to all religions and that all the people are free and says no to slavery.

47 Zapped

I would that this movie is boring than offensive. Though Spencer Boldman is HOT! 😍

48 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
49 Trolls World Tour
50 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
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