Most Offensive South Park Episodes

The Top Ten Most Offensive South Park Episodes


The mother of all offensive episodes for its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad and Tom Cruise and the other celebrities as well as the Ginger kids wanting Muhammad to steal his power so no one can make fun of them ever again. - egnomac

Cartoon Wars Part II

Offensive for its shots against the Family Guy writers and the whole Muhammad controversy. - egnomac

Trapped in the Closet

Offensive for its portrayal of Scientology, the show came under a lot of heat from celebrity's like Tom Cruise and even Issac Hayes left after the controversy. - egnomac

Guys look tom cruise is a fudge packer

Nearly Got The Show Cancelled - JPK

Bloody Mary

Offensive for showing the statue of Mary bleeding out the but. - egnomac

Cripple Fight

Offensive for showing Timmy and Jimmy getting into a huge brawl and their both crippled. - egnomac

I Love This One - BeatlesFan1964

The China Problem

What about cartmans "chienese disguise"

Offensive for showing Harrison Ford being raped by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg several times throughout the episode. - egnomac

With Apologies to Jessie Jackson

Offensive for have Randy Marsh accidentally shouting the N word during a game show. - egnomac

They say the N word more times than that episode where they literally count all the times they say the S word - SpaceCakes

Proper Condom Use

Mostly offensive over the teaching of Sex Ed to the kids by Mr. Mackey and Ms. Chokesondick and even more disturbing is Mr. Garrison teaching the Kindergartners about Condom Use. - egnomac

Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Offensive for the fact that from aside the fact that Mr. Garrison gets a sex change but also has Kyle undergoes surgery to be black and tall to get on the basketball team after being told Jews can't play Basketball. - egnomac

Makes me sick to my stomach.

Night of the Living Homeless

How would they like it if they were homeless

The Contenders

Romania Sucks

I bet you 100% this episode was written by some angry hungarians LOL - WhyWhere

That episode sucks..

Hell on Earth 2006

Offensive for its depiction of Steve Irwin who died weeks before airing with the stingray still attached to his chest. - egnomac

Ass Burgers

This episode is very offensive for having Randy say that people with Asperger's syndrome are " socially deprived freaks"! And like everyone who watches the show, they don't notice!

Why is this so low? As an aspie I think this should be no. 1

Le Petit Tourette

Actually the tourette foundation praised it for matt stone and trey parker for checking their facts

Scott Tenorman Must Die
The Death Camp Of Tolerance
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