Best Offline Project Management Tools

Project management tools for those looking to keep their data offline.

The Top Ten

1 Eylean Board

Visual task board topped with a drag & drop interface, Agile templates, time tracking and various reporting options for your teams convenience. - dovilem

2 Microsoft Project

A traditional project management approach equipped with Gantt charts. - dovilem

3 ConceptDraw

Cross-platform project management application. - dovilem

4 OnePager

Microsoft Project timeline charts made easy. - dovilem

5 OmniPlan

Overview of the project, resource assignment and task completion updates. - dovilem

6 Merlin Project

Project content visualization in a non-technical way. - dovilem

7 MindGenius

Capture ideas, visualise information, plan projects, manage tasks and share knowledge. - dovilem

8 Plan

Managing moderately large projects with multiple resources - dovilem

9 Kidasa

The fast, easy way to schedule and manage projects. - dovilem

10 TaskJuggler

Project Management beyond Gantt Chart Drawing. - dovilem

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