Top Ten Often Broken Weapons in Pixel Gun 3D

No, this isn't the best weapons, these are the most noobish weapons that require 0 skill to use in this game. These weapons are either so good or noobish that they require no skill at all. Damn Pixel GUn making us rage quit all the time. So pls avoid these weapons at all costs if you don't want to get the pixel gun community get triggered at you.

The Top Ten

1 Christmas Ultimatum

One shot kill, cluster bomb, fast fire rate for its needlessly op damage, what more could we want? Oh yeah, the bullets from this thing travels damn quickly. - friday1365

Super duper op

2 Anti- Champion Rifle

This is one of the weapons that are so good that it's op: one- shot kill, fires faster than the one shot (a sniper), wall break, op scope, and well that's it. At least this weapon takes some skill due to its slow fire rate. - friday1365

What the heck? This is so op that God got jealous

3 Big Buddy

An oldie but still really powerful: guaranteed one- shot, fast fire rate for its damage and well, that's it. At least you're only able to obtain this weapon from special events now that this was removed. - friday1365

4 Soul Stone

You know the Ghost lantern? This weapon is the slightly buffed, therefore an incredibly op weapon from this game! You know what's even better? This weapon could be easily obtained from the clan chest! So, uh, god damn those noobs in close- ranged maps. - friday1365

5 Laser Assistant

Who has ever thought that a primary weapon could be so good that it's op? Not me, but if you imagine a golden friend with a burning- effect, critical damage and a 8x zoom (hahaaha I'm not kidding), you know what I'm saying. - friday1365

6 Dual Cyro Pistol

A homing weapon with fast firing rate, along with the bullets travelling pretty damn quickly and the needless slow- effect, this makes me have nightmares. - friday1365

7 Champion Solar Canon

Man, if this hell of a broken weapon did a bit more damage this could have been 1st on the list. Needlessly large area damage, two shot kill, faster fire rate than the Big buddy and the Christmas Ultimatum? Nerf this please - friday1365

8 Adament Toy Bomber

Spam BOOM! Ricochet BOOM! Self destruction penalty, well I guess you are a noob. - friday1365

9 Multitaskers


10 Mega Gun

Noobiest and worse weapon ever created in pixel gun

The Newcomers

? Core Sword

This melee weapon takes a while to wind up but it is so strong it almost one shots.

The Contenders

11 Nanonots Rifle

Isn't as good as it used to be and now costs a hell lot of gems, the bullets still have the excessively high damage and the stupid bleeding effect. Now the best mid- range weapon out there, since the bullets don't travel that quickly. (Pst I still use it though) - friday1365

Nanobots rifle was removed - GreenFriday13Continue

12 Sharp Snowflake

Yep this is a weapon from the event chest, fast fire rate, fast bullet travelling speed and a two- shot kill, I mean like damn. - friday1365

13 Champion Mercenary
14 Prototype S


15 Hitman Exoskeleton
16 Smart Bullet Bazooka

This is the noobiest weapon I’ve ever seen, thank god it was nerfed

17 Third Eye

One shot sniper that can see through walls

18 Circus Cannon
19 Demolition Exoskeleton
20 Destruction System
21 Minigun Shotgun
22 Frozen Dragon
23 Fire Orb

Now, this is really stupid. Whenever I go on knife party, there’s always at least 2 million fire orb users and most of them suck at the game. The fire orb always plain murders. And even though it’s in the melee section, it not even a melee. Nerf it or put it in the special slot

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