Most Often Heard Prejudices Towards German People

A list, including prejudices towards German people.

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1 Most of them are Nazis

Unfortunately, a lot of people still think on Hitler, when someone speaks about German people. But these days there are almost no Nazis in Germany, very less than in the Netherlands, in France, Italy or the USA, just as an example.

People who actually say this and mean it know next to nothing about German people.

What the hell? Just because they're German, it doesn't mean they're Nazis. - TwilightKitsune

This is especially true outside in Europe.

2 They're not funny at all

I have to say I'm half a German and I love the German sense of humor. The German Side of my family is always like full of humor. And they laugh a lot about themselves, too. They wouldn't ever take anything you say as a joke too serious.

3 Pretty much all of them are super clever

Well, it might be the truth, that there are a lot of Very smart people, but there is almost the same number of people, that aren't as educated as people might expect from Germany.

4 They don't care for each other

It's true, that the families aren't that big, and unfortunately I have to admit, that German parents are often like too concentrated on their Jobs and then they're Not able to Look after their kids anymore. But they Love them just as much as in every other Country. They just express it different. I was lucky enough to grow up within a German family, and my family members aren't like that at all. They're Very caring and Kind and Patient. There are two kinds of German families.

5 They don't love their kids

Already mentioned : Not TRUE.

6 They are arrogant

I think with this thing it's just like in every other country, with the difference that rich people in Germany are often Very arrogant, but normal people are like always very friendly, for real.

ANY person can be arrogant, no matter what race they're from. - alphadan12

7 Everyone has a lot of money

The rich 10 percent have a lot of Money. I mean there is Hartz-4, and pretty much everybody has a Chance to make a living of the government's help, but normal people, with normal Jobs and a family haven't a lot of Money, but of course enough to make a living of. It might seem like there is much Money, and that's probably true but the government wastes it for Things, nobody needs.

8 They are always reliable and work hard

That's true, in the most cases.

9 They think that Germany is the best country ever

No German I know would call Germany the Best Country ever.

10 They’re overly strict and uptight

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11 They hate the USA

It's like there are two cleft attitudes towards the USA. The one half hates on the USA, the other half loves this Country.

12 They all love beer
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