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1 Oggy

Really I like oggy very much and looking so cute. I want to meet and play with oggy. Smile, laughing and looking are so cute.

Oggy is just so cute! Oh, I wanna pet him and hug him.

Whoops, I forget:

Jack - Butch

Normal Hatton: I used to remember watching a most hilarious episode of Oggy and the Cockroaches on A VHS Tape called 'CITV Favourites for over 6's' which was released in 1999. (Bitter Chocolate) I really like this character. Rather hilarious in my opinion

Hatton's fetishes: Ooh, I do not only like looking at beautiful female sex symbols in cartoons, but a male character who has been mistaken for being pregnant really is a big turn-on for me! Why, you might ask? I'll tell you! It's when Oggy gains a TUMMY!

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2 Jack


You're wrong jack is the most annoying character in the show I love
Wash day beachcombers working cat the blob and what a dump and green peace
Cause he don't appear but OGGY do I'll be terrified if there was ever and episode about jack and Everyone except OGGY appeared in it ok that's all I wanted to say I disagree with you

3 Joey

Joey is the best!

I like his laughter

I love him, he is the best character since he is superevil, great guy! And he is always the leader of the cockroach gang.

4 Dee Dee
5 Marcky

Excuse me, his name is spelt Marky, not. Marcky, get a brain!

No you need a brain

Yo guys he’s the best in everything, I’m so sorry for him because he’s always alone and I think the others two bastards don’t like his company...that’s why he’s the best😏

6 Bob

He sucks and rip off of spike from tom and jerry

Wow I really think he's cute sooo cute

7 Olivia
8 Monica
9 Lady K

The sexiest character ever

10 The Churacha
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