Best Ok Go Music Videos

OK Go are known for their off-the-wall, elaborate music videos, and with lots now to choose from 2006's Here It Goes Again and its treadmill video.

The Top Ten

1 This Too Shall Pass

So much effort went into it, and it payed off. Rube Goldberg machines never get old! - maxbastow

2 Needing/Getting

Another mind bogglingly complex video. - maxbastow

It was sooo cool that they played all those instruments, with a race car!

3 I Won't Let You Down
4 White Knuckles

Working with animals is so notoriously hard, yet OK Go manage to perform an almost seamless routine with dogs for almost 4 minutes, in all one take! - maxbastow

Awesome, with highly trained dogs

5 Here It Goes Again

The original and the best! - maxbastow

6 Upside Down & Inside Out
7 New Leaf
8 The Writing's On the Wall

How isn't this in the top 3 at least? It's amazing! Not to mention it's their best song too

9 Last Leaf

It's mind boggling to think about the number of slices of toast that created the final video. - maxbastow

10 WTF?

Another example of their ability to use just about anything and niftily make it entertaining. - maxbastow

The Contenders

11 End Love

Filming frame by frame, yet they ended up with a nice result. - maxbastow

12 Red Star Macalline Commercial
13 Skyscrapers

Very pleasing to the eye, the dancing is rather therapeutic to watch. - maxbastow

14 Muppet Show Theme Song
15 Hello, My Treacherous Friends
16 Obsession
17 The one moment
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Top Remixes

1. Here It Goes Again
2. This Too Shall Pass
3. White Knuckles
1. I Won't Let You Down
2. This Too Shall Pass
3. Upside Down & Inside Out


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