Best Old Man's Child Songs


The Top Ten

1 Soul Possessed

Transformed into the night
I'm at one with the dark,
I have life within my strength
Yet it feels like I'm dead.

I feel hate.

Born as a man, raised as a demon
Only death will do us apart,
The beast in my inner-self,

A lord from within,
A demon inside.
Together as one
We will grow strong.

2 Phantoms of Mortem Tales

This is a different kind of genre I'ved ever heard and I enjoyed listening to it
The best musical genius ever!

3 God of Impiety

Best guitar outcome performance ever made with such great sound of music

4 The Flames of Deceit
5 Behind the Mask
6 The Millennium King
7 Fall of Man
8 Unholy Vivid Innocence
9 Into Silence Embrace
10 Return of the Night Creatures

The Contenders

11 Thy Servant
12 Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
13 Life Deprived
14 Doommaker
15 Hominis Nocturna
16 The Dream Ghost

You should try THis' it will burn your tAste!

17 Captives of Humanity
18 Born of the Flickering
19 Slaves of the World
20 Christian Death
21 The Last Chapter
22 My Demonic Figures
23 My Kingdom Will Come
24 My Evil Revelations
25 What Malice Embrace
26 Towards Eternity
27 Demoniacal Possession
28 World Expiration
29 In Black Endless Void
30 Passage to Pandemonium
31 Obscure Divine Manifestation
32 In Quest of Enigmatic Dreams
33 The Underworld Domains
34 In Torment's Orbit
35 Lord of Command (Bringer of Hate)
36 Black Marvels of Death
37 Twilight Damnation
38 The Spawn of Lost Creation
39 On the Devil's Throne
40 Ferden Mot Fienden's Land
41 War of Fidelity
42 In Defiance of Existence
43 Felonies of the Christian Art
44 Leads to Utopia / The Old Man's Dream
45 The Soul Receiver
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