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Old Mario Party, the original Mario Party games by Hudson Soft. It's pretty solid. The fanbase has sadly made me hate it a little bit, but there are games that are pretty solid.

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1 Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 was my childhood, so I give it that. But compared to the other games, it doesn't really stand out. - RosalinaX

Several of the mini games in Mario Party 8 incorporate the touch sensitive Wii remote in creative ways, letting it double as a paint brush, hammer, arrow, stamp, and lasso to name a few. Its accuracy as a pointing gadget also comes in handy, and it makes it that much simpler for novice players to jump right into the fun without needing to familiarize themselves with a complicated controller. Mario Party 8's only issue is that it always relies on elements of varying chance, which will prove infuriating for competitive players. Another mediocrity is that Mario Party 8 still looks like it did 20 years ago on the Nintendo 64. That being said, if players are able to look past these issues, there is still an awesome party game to be found that is made fun due to the intuitive Wii remote. - Extractinator04

Mario Party 8 was a brilliant and fun game. In fact it's the only Hudson Soft title along with DS I would call a great game. The character roster was interesting, Dry Bones, Blooper and Hammer Bro were interesting choices, and there's also Birdo and Wario (my favourites). The boards are some pretty neat ones. Koopa's Tycoon Town and Goomba's Booty Boardwalk were my favourites. Minigames, well, the minigames were some of the best in the series! They were more memorable than the modern mario party minigames combined! Ion The Prize, You're The Bob-Omb, Lean Mean Ravine, King of the Thrill are minigames that never get old. The soundtrack is very catchy too. The final bowser battle though, is a bit dissapointing but was still kinda good! - darthvadern

This is the best! Its got all of your favorite characters with Blooper and Hammer Bro as newcomers. The boards were great, as well as the minigames even though they used motion controls. My favorite character from this outstanding game is Dry Bones, as well as Boo. Why don’t they make games like this anymore? So go play Mario Party 8! I’m sure you’ll have a blast on the Wii with this 2007 masterpiece.

2 Mario Party 5

This was the first ever mario party I played - trains45

This was, well, let's say it was REALLY forgettable, the boards are intersting but that's about it! Boring minigames, boring roster, boring gameplay, yeah. Super Duel Mode was interesting and pherhaps the best part about the game. But like Mario Party 7, this didn't really add anything new to the series. Forgettable game but enjoyable. - darthvadern

3 Mario Party DS

Mario Party was made for portables. The second screen gives you a bird's eye view of the game board so that you can keep track of the locations of other characters and pitfalls, shops, and, of course, the coveted stars needed to win the game. And nothing has been lost in translation from console to handheld. The game still has the same engaging 3 Dimensional view of the action on the bottom screen, not to mention as many game boards, play modes, and mini games as the other Mario Party titles. Plus, the touch screen allows for interesting new mini game activities, such as drawing circles with the stylus to twist a music box crank in an attempt to play the classic Super Mario Bros. theme at the proper tempo; blowing into the mic to control the speed at which an explosive's fuse burns; tracing the mugs of famous Nintendo characters; and swiping the stylus back and forth across the screen as fast as possible to shear pieces off of a cucumber. Basically, Mario Party has not felt so ...more - Extractinator04

I still play this! Played when I was super little and still love it!

4 Mario Party 6

So let's get this straight; the gamecube titles were extremely similar and boring, But this one was easly the most solid title of the gamecube Mario Parties. The hosts are interesting and the day/night cycle is pretty unique. It also added the Gamecube mic, a really cool thing to the gamecube! - darthvadern

5 Mario Party 2

Never played it, but I have to say I really love Daisy's old design that she had in this game. It has pretty good graphics for a Nintendo 64 game. - RosalinaX

Well, I'm sick if this game's fanbase, they act like genwunners, that's for sure, then how about the actual game? Mario Party 2 was very terrible, it's pretty much a port on the already terrible original! The minigames are the same and boards are uninteresting. Voice acting is terrible. Roster is horrible! There's only six playable characters! Where's my waifu Birdo? Costumes seems unneccesary. - darthvadern

6 Mario Party 7

Well, I'm not sure why I used to be obssesed with this game. It didn't really add anything new to the series, 8-player Mode was bland and boring. Boards were fun but not the best. The final battle minigame is unfairly bad! Minigames were kinda memorable, Deck Hands was pretty good. I'm glad it removed Koopa Kid from being playable, but Mario Party 8 removed Koopa Kid entirely so no points for that, overall I think it's an ok game. - darthvadern

7 Mario Party 4

Mario Party 4 is like 5, pretty forgettable, boards are boring roster is ok. Blah, blah, blah. Nothing special here. - darthvadern

8 Mario Party 3

I have played 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and this game has been the most important one for me. Many good items and many great mini-games. Mt. Mariomore is also a really cool feature.

This was really bad. It did add Waluigi and Daisy to the rister but that's about it. I will give it credit for finally having more solid boards. But it's pretty much the same thing as 1 and 2. Too repetitive! - darthvadern

9 Mario Party

One word; blisters! This is the worst Mario Party home console entry! I think I have already said everything terrible about this one. - darthvadern

10 Mario Party 9

This game was better then Mario Party 9, and the car mechanic was unique and fresh. Boards were good, and the roster was amazing. FIte me. - RosalinaX

I love this game! Not old Mario Party but still the best!

This game is fun!

Yes, it's fun, in fact it's my favourite mario spin-off, but it's modern mario party, this list is for old mario party - darthvadern

Not OLD Mario Party! And this is coming from a MP9 fanboy - darthvadern

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11 Mario Party Advance

Haven't played it but I heard it isn't perfect. - Extractinator04

Four playable characters only? Why? - darthvadern

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