Top 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations

This isn't a list of best ancient civilization. It's a list of oldest ancient civilizations.

The Top Ten Oldest Ancient Civilizations

1 Mesopotamia

It's just the oldest

2 Indus Valley
3 Ancient Egypt

Egypt is older than indus valley. Check again. Egypt was the most advanced and intelligent ancient civilizations. These negroes built the world's first ships, alphabet, paper, writing materials, pyramids, surgery and neuroscience.

Prymaids are nice also the sphinx

Older than Indus by 1000 years

4 Maya
5 Ancient China
6 Ancient Greece

Most intelligent civilization. They didn't care for conquering other countries as much as they did for their love of knowledge. because of this they were the greatest writers and philosophers at the time. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. The valued knowledge over power and that gave them all the power..

7 Ancient Persia
8 Ancient Rome
9 Aztecs
10 Incas