Top 10 Oldest and Most Annoying Cliches

So much cliches and I`m counting the most annoying of them all.

The Top Ten

1 The too intelligent smart character.
2 The dumb character.
3 The psychic character.
4 Characters that are too Weak.
5 Overpowered characters.
6 Friendship beats the most difficult foes.

I immeaditely thought of "My Little Pony". Friendship is Magic.

7 Forced Fan service Sexual Misunderstanding.
8 The prophecy
9 Main character has special abilities powers

Ugh. This is so annoying. Why is always the main character? Everybody else is special too!

10 Must save the world


The Contenders

11 Light is good
12 Dark is evil
13 All white people cast

I think T.V. shows should have more DIVERSITY.

14 Brooding, effeminate antagonist or rival
15 Villain that is more androgynous than the hero
16 Dim-witted comic relief trio
17 Strong father figure who is fierce and overprotective
18 The bratty, rebellious and whiny teenage daughter
19 Small annoying creature as the hero's sidekick
20 Princess/heroine who doesn't do anything
21 Prince/hero who has no personality or even no name
22 The evil counterpart to the main character
23 Fish out of water type characters
24 Wife at home cooking or cleaning, while husband napping or gone to work
25 Cheesiness
26 Gender roles
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