Top Ten Oldest Types of Internet Jokes


The Top Ten

1 Yo Mama

Number 1.

2 Justin Bieber Jokes

Not really the oldest, he started to create his career around 2010 when the internet was already big - Alkadikce

This. - Brxtney

3 Chicken Crossing Road
4 Doge
5 Random Word Jokes

Its not that old, It still makes me laugh - DubstepLover

6 Racist Jokes
7 what's 10+9? 21

How is this old? - MrCoolC

8 Violent Stickmen
10 Trollface Trollface

Never gets old. - Userguy44

I like this one

The Contenders

11 MLP Hatred Jokes
12 Miley Cyrus Jokes
13 Rickrolling

Still find it funny.

14 Poop jokes
15 Dat Boi Jokes
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