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1 Rumpelstiltskin & Belle

I Love Them!

It was sad when belle died at least rumple died at the end of series he goes into afterlife with belle.
In the end rumple change for good for belle.

Beauty and the beast always works

2 Emma & Killian Hook

Yes, just yes

Captain swan forever I am a big shipping of captain swan.I'm glad they have a daughter together. In the future I hope that captain swan have grandchildren of their is rumors that ouat is return in 2012 even Adam and Edward hinted at would be good if captain swan daughter become savior because she was born out of true love?

Captain Swan for the win

Captain Swan forever

3 Regina & Robin Hood

Yes, please! Regina totally deserves her happy ending. I was crushed when Robin died. please come back to life, Robin. Regina needs her happy ending!

I wish that robin hood come back to life at the end of season because Regina deserves happily ever after after Daniel died.

4 Neal & Emma

Neal and Emma have son together.
Sadly Neal dies

Swanfire forever it is rumor that the show is returned even Adam and Edward hinted at it. It would be awesome if Swanfire granddaughter become saviour because her name mean light and
She was born out of true love.

5 Mary Margaret & David

They always find a way back to another,

6 August & Emma

They could have ended up together as a couple if they was raised together and they both like jackets

7 Cinderella & Prince

I have to be honest I do like this couple but they didn't have many scenes together.

8 Zelena & Rumplestiltskin

They could have gotten together in the past. Zelena accept rumple way in the past but belle didn't.and there was rumours that zelena could be rumple daughter.

9 Anna & Kristoff

They do make a great couples

I love this couple!

10 Regina & Emma

I just don't ship them because Emma is Regina step granddaughter

The Contenders

11 Duke & Helga

I don't ship them because they only have two scene together in one episode and he tried it on with her sister

12 Aurora & Mulan
13 Ruby & Mulan
14 Ruby & Dorothy
15 Henry & Cinderella
16 Henry & Drizella
17 Hope Jones & Gideon Gold
18 Prince Neal & Alexandra
19 Hope Jones & Roland Hood
20 Prince Philip Jr. & Hope Jones
21 Henry & Violet
22 Mr. Gold & Emma Swan
23 Gretel & Henry
24 Pinocchio & Lucy
25 Peter Pan & Emma Swan
26 Henry & Jefferson
27 Henry & Graham
28 Henry & Paige
29 Jefferson & Emma Swan
30 Robin Hood Jr. & Prince Neal
31 Robin Hood Jr. & Gideon
32 Hope Jones & Hansel
33 Eva & King Leopold
34 Ruth & Robert
35 Prince James & Jack
36 Peter Pan & Wendy
37 Milah & Rumpelstiltskin
38 Malcolm & Black Fairly
39 Prince James & Cruella
40 King Leopold & Cora
41 Snow White & Hercules
42 Prince Charming & Anna
43 Neal & Tamara
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1. Emma & Killian Hook
2. Regina & Emma
3. Rumpelstiltskin & Belle
1. Rumpelstiltskin & Belle
2. Regina & Robin Hood
3. Emma & Killian Hook
1. Rumpelstiltskin & Belle
2. Emma & Killian Hook
3. Neal & Emma

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