Top 10 Once Upon a Time Villains

The T.V. series Once Upon A Time has had a myriad of bad villains, most of them skilled in magic. Ultimately, they are defeated, but they just keep on coming back. Some turn to good, while others seem stuck in the bad ways. Here are the baddest of the bad of fairy tales, myths, and legends.

The Top Ten

1 Peter Pan

Peter Pan is definitely the worst of villains on this list. Also, I don't even know why the duke of Weselton is on here he was in like 1 episode. They could of had someone like Isaac, the author before Henry or maybe Ursula.

A master manipulator and reportedly even more powerful than Rumpelstiltskin himself, Pan turned out to be Rumpelstiltskin's father. He used Emma and the other good guys as pawns in his nefarious game to gain the heart of the truest believer to extend his never-ending youth. Pan is ruthless and ripped out his best friend's heart to cast the Dark Curse. He even switched bodies with Henry so that Henry got trapped in Pandora's box. Pan proved to be one of the most cunning villains that the good guys ever faced, to defeat them, they had to win his mind games. Pan was reportedly killed after Rumpelstiltskin sacrificed himself, but the catchphrase "Peter Pan never fails" is too deadly to ignore. - bzjeung

I have no idea what this even is.

Peter Pan is one of the most mischief and manipulative villains who almost always knows about people, who they are, their secrets, their weaknesses, and what they will do. He knows the card you will play and he already has his plan set and waiting. He was one of the most well developed characters in the series with the most interesting back story and the biggest shock that once upon a time has ever seen. Unlike the rest of the villains, he has power that is not needed, it is just wanted. He could get people to do as he please with out ripping their hearts out or torching in them, if he wanted.

2 Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin

Cunning and knows how to plays his cards in a way which would bring him the most amount of advantages.

He reigned for centuries (as far as I can tell), revelled in the power and - and this is where is true master stroke comes in - he manipulated the entire history of The Enchanted Forest just so he could find his son again. That is where true power lies - not only in the magical side of things, but in the fact that, as Dark One, he twisted people to his will so much that they didn't realise that what they thought were their ideas were just threads in his plan to achieve his destiny.

Easily the baddest of the bunch, the Dark One has remained a step ahead of most villains and has the luxury of foresight. He is described as the most powerful sorcerer in all the realms (though a lot of people come close to him). He has swayed between good and evil so many times, it's hard to tell which side he'll pick in the end. While he is incredibly powerful, he has been defeated and is currently working with the Queens of Darkness in Season 4 to regain his power which seems to be his true love. His power is quite good though, he has defeated Pan, Cora, Zelena, survived the Snow Queen's curse, and even overpowered the Queens of Darkness (Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil) - bzjeung

The most powerful character, he's got the power of all the dark ones combined, incluing Emma. He's the smartest and the greedest tooo.

3 Regina the Evil Queen

She is the best

While she is not a villain anymore, she definitely was one. She is a perfect example that evil is made, not born. She used to be the most wonderful and kindest woman in all the lands but because of her abusive mother, she lost her soul mate and happy ending, thus beginning her path of darkness. I hated her and loved her. Her sassiness and desire for power does make her a beautiful nightmare. While I loved it when she's good, I also liked it when she was evil, because Snow White did technically ruin her happy ending by not being able to keep a secret when she specifically begged her not to tell her mother, yet she did anyway. So seeing her get her vengeful moments with Sow were almost justified. She also has no problem with protecting the ones she loves, no matter the cost, whether it is by using dark magic or good. Even as Regina during the first curse, she made Snow White's counterpart's life a living hell, by even framing her and laughing in her face about it when she was in tears. ...more - Daviddv0601

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The Evil Queen may not be the worst villain on the list; she is an example of how evil is made and not born. She is easily the most charismatic villain on the list, someone who seems to enjoy her badness so much, that you just have to love her, even when she's destroying people left and right. The Evil Queen is a formidable sorceress who has survived multiple villains, so she's quite powerful, having been tutored by Rumpelstiltskin himself. She is a master of dark magic, not to mention being also skilled in light magic. - bzjeung

4 Ingrid, the Snow Queen

Man, it isn't fair. She would've been there for Elsa in the movie, Frozen back then before so Elsa wouldn't be lonely nor alone nor isolated nor even think she's the only one in the royal family of Aren-delle born with magic at all. She also would've been the real snow queen of either Aren-delle or better yet, the ice palace in the movie, Frozen back then before. She would've been there to meet her niece during Elsa's childbirth back then before in the movie, Frozen. Furthermore, she would've been there to raise Elsa in either the kingdom of Aren-delle or better yet, the ice palace in the movie, Frozen back then before. She especially would've been there to train Elsa how to control her powers in the movie, Frozen back then before so Elsa wouldn't have to have any trouble controlling her powers at all. She even would've been portrayed as a mother figure to Elsa in the movie, Frozen back then before. She would've been there to comfort Elsa in the movie, Frozen back then before. She ...more

She's the reason I'm grateful and thankful for the fourth season of Once Upon A Time but she also deserves to be in any official Frozen merchandise too which it would've been better and fairer than ever. It would've made Frozen more interesting than ever, especially more like The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.

It's not fair nor right that Ingrid never ever even got any magical trainers nor any other magical trainers to train her how to control her powers at all in the fourth season of the show, Once Upon A Time like she deserves to get so far. It's also not fair nor right that Ingrid never ever even found out the real key to controlling powers either at all like she deserves to so far.

She deserves to be better off with more controllable, more stable, tamer powers than with uncontrollable, out of control, wild, unstable powers, doesn't she? Yup and so does her niece, Elsa.

5 Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West

Turns out wicked doesn't always win. Zelena may have not been the worst villain the good guys ever fought, she seemed too much of a green copycat of Regina. The Wicked Witch wind points for enslaving Rumpelstiltskin himself, something Cora couldn't even do. Zelena was reported to be even more powerful than Regina and one of the most skilled witches Rumpelstiltskin had ever seen. She even managed to break the laws of magic and turn numerous people into flying monkeys. - bzjeung

Zelena is by far the best character on the show. She is clearly one of the most powerful sorceresses that have every lived, surpassed by only Rumpelstiltskin and maybe Cora and Pan. She has cheated death twice, and has ruled an entire realm, something Regina can't say. And she is so deliciously wicked! Who else has her own army of winged monsters?

Zelena is wicked because she had a sorrowful past. She was abandoned by her birth mother Cora, she was jealous of Regina because she couldn't enjoy the luxuries which Regina had and she was not allowed to cast the curse by Rumplestiltskin. She is only Regina and everyone was on Regina's side now so they made her the next big bad

Zelena is my favourite character on the show. She is so sarcastic and I love her. I also loved her because she was able to put rumple in his place.

6 Cora, Queen of Hearts

So powerful that she made two powerful daughters.

I love Cora!

She is really good and is very powerful and I'm always quaki g when yo come on

When it comes down to ruthlessness, no one seems to match Cora, the Queen of Hearts and mother of Regina and Zelena. Her title literally came from her penchant for ripping out other peoples' hearts and controlling them, then disposing of them when they ceased to be of use to her. Regina and Rumpelstiltskin both feared her as Cora seemed to be one of Rumpelstiltskin's most skilled students in magic. Cora manipulated everyone around her in order to feed her ambition for power and came incredibly close to becoming the Dark One herself. She didn't even truly love her own daughter until she died, a result of Snow manipulating Regina. - bzjeung

7 Cruella De Vil Cruella De Vil Cruella de Vil is a fictional character who appeared in Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Disney's animated film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, and Disney's live-action film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians as the main more.

While from our perspective watching her past made it seem that she was a victim, she was actually being protected from her mother after she murdered her mother's three husbands, and then placed the blame on her mother. She then manipulates the Author into giving her powers so she can kill her mother too. After that, she skins her dogs and makes the infamous fur coat. She is without a doubt evil. - Daviddv0601

While Maleficent and Ursula have good goals and softer sides at times, Cruella is always evil. She even recommended killing Regina and quickly turned on her BFF Ursula a few minutes after she left.

The dogsnatcher may not be as scary in a cartoon, but it is reported that Cruella does have magic of her own. She herself kidnapped Belle from Rumpelstiltskin. She edges out of Ursula for sassing Rumpelstiltskin, so she's clearly not afraid of the Dark One. She ordered Ursula around and seems to be the brains of the Queens of Darkness. - bzjeung

Out of the three Disney female villains she has to be the best. Wither it be visually, physically, or emotionally, Victoria Smurfit nailed the original, iconic, Disney vilian. I simply love how they kept the character so close to the original cartoon character. They even nailed her car! I only wish they gave her the iconic long cigar, like she had in the cartoon, to give her power a better connection to her. Never the less she has to be my favorite villain in the series.

8 Maleficent Maleficent

The dark fairy sparred with Regina early on and it is reported that out of all the Queens of Darkness, she is the one the Evil Queen fears the most. She is capable of shapeshifting into a fearsome dragon or an undead zombie. However, her defeats are quite numerous, having been defeated by Aurora, Emma, and Regina. She ranks highest out of the Queens of Darkness for her skill in magic and the fact that she herself went up against Rumpelstiltskin first. - bzjeung

She taught Regina how to actually use fire and sleeping curses.

9 The Duke of Weselton

What the heck why js guy on here wow I'm wasting my vote just to commet on this this is so stupid why is he on here wow what the heck stupid

This guy wasn't even a villain... He was in the show for 2 minutes. - bzjeung

He did something really very wrong but it doesn't make him a villain.

Why is this dunce even on this list?

10 Hades

Hades is a powerful, devious and manipulative villain. He is good at finding someone weaknesses and use it for his own benefit. He even could threat Rumple, regardless both of them are mastermind. Plus, the way he talks to his enemy was bring such a chilling nuance.

Torturous, devious, manipulative, maniacal, almost like he and rumple are related

The Contenders

11 The Black Fairy

It's a close tie between her and Peter Pan. And Fiona is also the most underrated character in OUAT.

The OUAT equivelent of Thanos. Imagine just how much more powerful she would be if she had the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones.

How can the ultimate villain not be rated the best villain? She was the best part of the 2-hour sixth season finale.

A pretty underrated Once Upon a Time villain. She basically created Dark Magic. She abandoned her own son, leaving him with a father who would eventually abandon him too, then tortures her grandson into creating him into a powerful villain. Also, she is very hot! - Daviddv0601

12 Ursula

I want to see the REAL Ursula. Apparently, even the Little Mermaid version of "Ursula" believed she was named after the original Sea Witch so she became the next Ursula. I want to see the Ursula that frightened Regina! She's got so much potential but nope, we had to throw in cliche. I really hope in Season 7, she will pose a major threat to Henry, and whatever other characters who will be on his side. She could still be hunting for Poseidon's Trident and when she does, she becomes the ultimate boss battle. - Daviddv0601

The Sea Witch threatened Regina when Regina impersonated her and she remains a mystery to most. Hopefully Season 4 will shed some light on her backstory as Poseidon himself is her father, which means Ursula packs some serious firepower in magic. Rumpelstiltskin contacted her first in his quest to conscript the Queens of Darkness, which means she could be potentially the one who connects the other two. - bzjeung

Ursula is the best!

13 King George

The manipulating king of one the realms in the Enchanted Forest, he proved a cunning adversary for Charming and Snow White, cursing Snow so that she could never have children. He even destroyed the Mad Hatter's hat so Charming would be without family forever, but turns out his actions were meaningless as Snow and Emma returned to Storybrooke. - bzjeung

14 Captain Hook Captain Hook Captain James Hook is a fictional character, the antagonist of J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and its various adaptations, in which he is Peter Pan's archenemy.

He may not be a villain entirely on this show, since he is now either an antihero or a hero but he definitely was a villain for some time. He stole a poor man's wife, tried to steal his son but then sold him to the evil Lost Boys, he backstabbed anyone to get what he wanted and is just such a total douchebag. He doesn't deserve Emma Swan. Regina deserves Emma Swan. Swan Queen for life! - Daviddv0601

He can be an ultimate villain. It was he who took away Milah from Rumple but later blames Rumple for everything. He should have been humble and not arrogant to Rumple in the first place. What more can we expect from this pirate now? Its wonderful that he is dead!

He is an awesome actor who is a pirate and he is nice to

He can be the worst when he wants to. He did take milah from rumple making rumple want revenge for this. But he was making Milah happy.

He's one of my all time favourite characters and villains.
Who can argue with the fact he's devilishly handsome any way

15 Prince Hans

Hans was barely in Once Upon A Time and he was constantly bullied by his brothers and then frozen by the Snow Queen. Awful villain - bzjeung

16 King Arthur

Come on he was a villain he did prove himself

17 Ruby

How dare u she's a wolf but that does not mean she is a villain. She's so nice.

She isn't a villain what are you talking about?

She might be a villain just because she is a wolf, but she can control it so she is a hero some how.

How dare someone put her as a villain? 😠 She is so good and carefree

18 The Author

He was the true antagonist of the fourth season and he was a villain more danger and powerful than Rumple and the Queens of darkness.Isaac is arguably the true main antagonist of the entire serie, as he is responsible for most if not all the events that happen in the story. He is also the one responsible for creating all of the evil villains our heroes have faced.

19 Bo Peep

She's so irritating. There are certain villains that make us laugh and we love them... there are others like HER!

Who is that

20 Emma Swan

All hail the new dark one.. While it's true she isn't evil, YET, looking at the promo, she ripped out and crushed the heart of an innocent who offered her food and asked for her name!

All hail Emma, not the dark one, not the light/savior one, but the grey one!

Why did Emma have to become the new dark one and why did she help Regina get her happy ending she's a villain

I like her better as the struggling savior

21 Mother Gothel Mother Gothel Mother Gothel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 50th animated feature film Tangled.

Gothel is powerful being older than most of the fairy tale characters with the power of nature and title of “Mother Nature”. She killed an entire civilization and vowed to destroy every human on the planet. She also abandoned her child Alice in her tower, poisoned alice and her father so they would never be together.

22 Nimue

Nimue really sucked horribly

A villain no dought about it.

23 Merlin

The creators have stated that Merlin is a force of good...

It's a spoiler Sorry if never seen him but he owns rumple Ep he first appers in is S4 EP9

Come on, he is such a good old fellow. How can someone add him to this list? 😒

24 Felix

Ah, the side kick of pan, not evil just devoted to pan.
He was brainwashed by pan so he could never leave his side, even when he got promised a happy ending he refused in order to help pan.

Just a good friend, but brainwashed into being that.

At least died

25 Henry

How is henry a villain?!?!

Henry is not a villain!

26 Hans (Frozen)
27 Jafar

Jafar, born as the bastard of the Sultan of a city of Agrabah, wanted revenge as a young boy. He is a cruel, and manipulative villain who was brave enough to storm the palace, kill the Sultan's heir and imprison the Sultan. He even betrayed his sorcerers partner Amara by poisoning her into a serpent staff which he carries around. He is willing to betray and kill anyone who gets in his way. He was powerful enough to break the laws of magic temporarily and forces his father to love him, only to kill him shortly.

28 Pan's Shadow
29 Snow White

Snow is NOT a villain.I REAPET NOT A VILLAIN. she is a hero

30 Drizella

She fell into the darkness cause she wanted, without no one manipulating her or trying to turn her evil.

She killed her love because of her mother

31 Tamara

Her ENGAGEMENT was a lie... magic saved her from cancer and, yet, she wanted to destroy magic! She is the one character that made me so angry I wished she was never in OUAT

32 Greg Mendell

He isn't really evil.
He just wanted to do what was right, even if it did mean destroying and hurting people in his way,
NEVERMIND he is evil

33 King Xavier
34 Fiona

Fiona is rumples mum and she created all dark magic, eventually she was killed in the season 6 finale by rumple, though rumple is strong he had to trick her and get the strongest weapon in all the realms to kill her.

35 Anastasia, The Red Queen

Even though she was a weak sorceres she still managed to take over Wonderland and become a powerful enemy + her diva and sassy levels make her even more enjoyable

36 Charming

He gave Mary Margaret Thr wrong valentine!

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