Top 10 Once Upon a Time Villains

The T.V. series Once Upon A Time has had a myriad of bad villains, most of them skilled in magic. Ultimately, they are defeated, but they just keep on coming back. Some turn to good, while others seem stuck in the bad ways. Here are the baddest of the bad of fairy tales, myths, and legends.

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21 Nimue

Nimue really sucked horribly

A villain no dought about it.

22 Merlin

The creators have stated that Merlin is a force of good...

It's a spoiler Sorry if never seen him but he owns rumple Ep he first appers in is S4 EP9

Come on, he is such a good old fellow. How can someone add him to this list? 😒

23 Felix

Ah, the side kick of pan, not evil just devoted to pan.
He was brainwashed by pan so he could never leave his side, even when he got promised a happy ending he refused in order to help pan.

Just a good friend, but brainwashed into being that.

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24 Henry

Henry is not a villain!

25 Hans (Frozen)

Great, just what we need, another prince charmless….

26 Jafar

Jafar, born as the bastard of the Sultan of a city of Agrabah, wanted revenge as a young boy. He is a cruel, and manipulative villain who was brave enough to storm the palace, kill the Sultan's heir and imprison the Sultan. He even betrayed his sorcerers partner Amara by poisoning her into a serpent staff which he carries around. He is willing to betray and kill anyone who gets in his way. He was powerful enough to break the laws of magic temporarily and forces his father to love him, only to kill him shortly.

27 Pan's Shadow
28 Tamara

Her ENGAGEMENT was a lie... magic saved her from cancer and, yet, she wanted to destroy magic! She is the one character that made me so angry I wished she was never in OUAT

29 Greg Mendell

He isn't really evil.
He just wanted to do what was right, even if it did mean destroying and hurting people in his way,
NEVERMIND he is evil

30 King Xavier
31 Fiona

Fiona is rumples mum and she created all dark magic, eventually she was killed in the season 6 finale by rumple, though rumple is strong he had to trick her and get the strongest weapon in all the realms to kill her.

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