Best Once Upon A Time In The West (1968) Characters

The Top Ten Best Once Upon A Time In The West (1968) Characters


The man of the Harmonica is the best. He is such a badass character.
Sergio Leone like always, doing something good for the film history!

One of leone's greatest characters, and also harmonica should be first in the list. Not frank

He is the very first on the list, and I have no doubt of this fact!

This is ma favorite western cowboy character of all time within the man with no name! such of two badass and memorable characters for me...


One of the best villain performances in classic western films.

I love this type of anti-heros, I'm not joking if I say that Henry Fonda really got skills for do a if not iconic, at least classic Villain role.

This is also cool as man of the harmonica

Best Character, Hands Down


Why Cheyenne cannot be first?...He was the badass Cowboy in western films...

I know he just could be the most important big beard'' character of all time!

I love cheyenne! he really got charisma. is the best for me!

Jill Mcbain

This is not my favorite character from this film, but I reckon that she should be 2nd

She so badass, and the acting she does wasn't that perfect! But it is kinda memorable and that is something I care for.

She's so beauty actress, and the sexiest Cowgirl I ever seen in a western movie.

Jill is the greatest character in this movie

Brett Mcbain
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