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1 7

Try beat 7 in gambling and there's 7 dwarfs and 7 seas and james bond 007 7UP old no.7 7 is the best

My favourite is 7 but my least favourite is 6

Dudes this number sucks!

Seven is hot

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2 1

I like 1 because I try to be the number 1 person in what I do. Even though it is a relevant to be call something number 1, it represents a success or lead in a defined way. - TheMogul

Top dog first place the one and only 1 is the best

1 is #1. No dip

1 is neither prime nor composite

3 6

In music theory, the "roman numeral analysis" is a way to better understand and build chord progressions, each roman numeral from one to seven has a purpose and rule it must follow, but vi (six) has the unique property of being flexible with major and minor chords, it's a Jack of all Trades.

In Singapore there is one to six avenue near each other at six was chosen for the MRT or subway station name.

6 degrees of kevin bakon is a game where you take an actor and connect them to kevin bakon in 6 steps or less and 6 is the number of the devil which means 666

4 3

3 is a magic number think of the great trilgolys 3 godfather films 3 orignal star wars films 3 films in the blood and ice cream films and 3 indiana jones films

5 5

This is my life path number, my favorite number, my lucky number! 5 is the coolest number in my opinion, but 7 is definitely my second favorite! I'm the 5th grandchild, My number in class last year was 5, I've come in 5th place in a lot of lists, and My desk number in class this year was 5a

Oh and In Addition to that statement it's my Destiny Number Apparently! 5! Also 5 is the number I've gotten in a lot of other scenarios!

What about the 5th amendment hooray america high five everyone

6 2

I like the number 2 for some reason. I don't know y - Oliveleaf

2 isn't bad it is the only even prime number and second place as good as it is no ne wants to come in second and no.2 is fieces

7 0

Without zero the full mathematic system would be in chaos - Toucan

Less is more, 0 is the greatest number who will command the race of numbers and rise above them all

Zero is the most important! Without zero, 9, 90, 900 and 9000 would all be written as 9.

Zero The Hero. See what I mean?

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8 4

4 is a good one 4 elements 4 directions 4 seasons which one came first the four seasons the fab four or the fantastic four

9 9

Well there is nine ring rates dantes nine circles of hell and the beatles song revolution no.9

Thank you for making this last. - Curtis_Huber

9 IS NINTH - lovefrombadlands

10 8

Aesthetically, you can't argue that 8 is the prettiest. Look at those curves! Haha

8 is the best number, It holds a greater Value than most but is not the Highest, 888888888888888888888

It's awesome!


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