Top Ten Best One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Songs

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1 Amnesia

I love this song! Actually, I love all of 5 seconds of Summer's songs. Why is One direction's song at the top? 5SOS is better!

I'm in love with this song

Why the hell is a 1d song 1st - venomouskillingmachine

2 What Makes You Beautiful

One direction is best music band in the world. I am a huge directioner, I like 5sos but I don't think they are better than one direction. I love One direction forever and always.

This song only I like of this band.

One Direction is one of the worst msuic bands of all time besides 5 Seconds of Summer and especialy Kidz Bop. No wonder classic rock music is so overhated! *goes savage on Directioners/Scones*

3 Heartbreak Girl
4 One Thing
5 Beside You
6 She Looks So Perfect

Too good!

7 Live While We're Young
8 Don't Stop
9 Drag Me Down
10 Kiss You

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11 Best Song Ever
12 What I Like About You

This was originally by the romantics. - Ilovestephanie

13 Little Things
14 Good Girls
15 18

Best song ever I love it I mean I love all of one direction songs they are amazing I can't live without them and actually I had to choose only one song so I picked this one but all the others are equal all of their songs are the reason I'm alive

-5 seconds of summer - Musicislife

16 More Than This
17 Disconnected
18 History - One Direction

It's THE WORST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY WHOLE LIFE! NOT! (; What an incredible song! It's so full of life and powerful! It's always makes you feel energetic and always keeps your mood positive! (; SUCH A LEGENDARY SONG! YOU LEGENDS CAN'T STOP BEING SO INCREDIBLE AND I can't BELIEVE THIS IS YOU SINGING LIKE TOTAL LEGENDS THAT BEEN SINGING FOR DECADES!  (; X LOVE YOU 1D FOREVER! (; XX

19 Story of My Life
20 They Don't Know About Us
21 I Would
22 One Way or Another
23 English Love Affair
24 Long Way Home
25 Heartache On the Big Screen

Clever lyrics, awesome storyline.

26 Gotta Be You
27 Social Casualty
28 Moments
29 Forever Young
30 Up All Night
31 Rock Me
32 Wrapped Around Your Finger

What? - Ilovestephanie

33 Green Light
34 If You Don't Know
35 Last First Kiss
36 Wherever You Are
37 Summer Love
38 Never Be
39 Happily
40 The Only Reason
41 American Idiot
42 Nobody Compares
43 Kiss Me Kiss Me
44 Rejects
45 Out of My Limit
46 Over and Over
47 Mrs. All American
48 Midnight Memories
49 I Want
50 End Up Here
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