Top 10 One Direction Songs that are Ripoffs

This is where i got most of my Information from

The Top Ten

1 Best Song Ever

Rip off of Baba O Riley - The Who - christangrant

2 What Makes You Beautiful

Rip Off of Summer Nights - Grease (Movie) - christangrant

3 Midnight Memories

Rip Off of Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard - christangrant

4 Rock Me

Rip Off of We Will Rock You - Queen - christangrant

5 Live While We're Young

Rip off of Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash - christangrant

6 More Than This

Rip off of Time of Your Life By Green Day - christangrant

7 Taken

Rip off of If I Were a Boy - Beyoncé - christangrant

8 Kiss You

Rip Off of What the Hell - Avril Lavigne - christangrant

9 Back for You

Rip Off of Stay Together for the Kids - Blink-182 - christangrant

10 Loved You First

Rip off of Where Street's Have No Name - U2 - christangrant

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