Top Ten One Direction Songs That Should Have Been Singles

The Top Ten

1 No Control

No Control was not released as a single, and should have been. Fans around the world decided it should be a single and even released a fan-made music video and release date. However, we still would've liked to see the boys themselves release it.

It is a great song and my most favourite one direction song ever.

All of their songs are very good but this one is the best

2 More Than This

More Than This was from 1D's first album, and on that album there was a single called "Gotta Be You". "Gotta Be You" is a mediocre love song with an even less impressive music video. More Than This is a better, catchier version of Gotta Be You, and would have done well as a single.

3 Fireproof

Fireproof was released as a promotional single, meaning it was the first released song off of their album Four, but it did not become a full-fledged single with a music video. "Night Changes", the album's slow single, was sweet and beautiful, however I think Fireproof would have been a better fit. It's sweet tune and sincerity would have topped charts.

4 She's Not Afraid

She's Not Afraid is a catchy tune from 1D's second album, Take Me Home. This album was their worst, and although the singles "Kiss You" and "Little Things" were acceptable if not exceptional songs, their leading single "Live While We're Young" was cheesy and insincere. She's Not Afraid is catchy and holds more merits for a great music video.

5 Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Where Do Broken Hearts Go did fit perfectly as a non-single - Directioners loved its sweet and smart tune, and it was appreciated where it was. However, Where Do Broken Hearts Go is such a genuinely good song that I think it would have benefited from being a single.

6 Strong

Strong is a powerful anthem of true love. I love listening to it and empowering myself with it. I think if it had been on the charts, it would have been very successful. The music video would be great, too.

7 Happily

Happily has a tune that would make it as a single for a country singer or breakout pop singer. Because of their fame, the boys decided to make the sweet tune a promotional single instead. However, its tune and message would have made a great single.

8 Stockholm Syndrome
9 Stand Up

Stand Up is a corny pop song from their first album, but its message and melody is just too perfect to be unknown. I wish this song had been a single.

10 Rock Me

This would have been a rocking music video. Rock Me is a fun rock-based song that would have changed 1D's reputation a little bit.

The Contenders

11 Diana

Diana is such a fun, fast song. Even without being a single, Diana reached number 11 on the U.S. Billboard charts, and if it had been a single, the song would undoubtedly have been a huge success.

12 Girl Almighty
13 18
14 Stole My Heart
15 If I Could Fly

Lyrically and physically, it is the most emotional song they have written and sang. It gives you an emotional feel and you KNOW that the boys feel the same about it.

16 What a Feeling
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