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This is a list of the greatest songs of the Japanese Rock-Band "One OK Rock".

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The Beginning The Beginning Cover Art

This song is my favorite song, and is by far the best song I've ever heard in my entire life. No joke. I can never describe the feeling I got when I first listened to this song. After 5 seconds into the song, I just lied down, still, and couldn't move because of how amazing the song was. I was overwhelmed and in shock of how perfect everything was. The best way I can describe it is: it feels like this song was written for me by a god, to fit my, and only my liking. Sounds crazy right? Well, that's just how much I love this song. It basically gave me a huge eargasm haha.

The melody is beyond my expectations, the lyrics tell a story and give inspiration, Taka's vocals gave me goosebumps, Tomoya's precision on the drums also gave me the chills, Ryota's and Toru's skills on the guitar and bass tie everything together, and the emotion and passion poured into this song completes it like a puzzle piece. It couldn't be more perfect. This song is pure gold and so underrated.

It's ...more

This is by FAR the best song from One Ok Rock! I have the whole song memorized, and sing this song whenever I’m Feeling upset about someone or something. I watch through all the credits to Rurouni Kenshin: Origins more than once to hear this song! I also love the meaning behind the song; what in life is worth living for, and how do I live a more full-filling life? The guitar for this song is always so exhilarating too! I always feel my heart speed up when this songs starts playing through the speakers! Such a phenomenal song!

Ending Story, Nobody's Home, Liar, the same as, Smiling Down, Answer Is Near and many more are all worthy candidates but to me it has to be The Beginning. I can not describe exactly what makes it so good except for the fact that 500 plays later I still leave it on repeat.

I've probably never heard a song more than this one. I cannot describe the perfection with which this song is made and the sensations it produces within me. PURE CLASS. The first song I heard by ONE OK ROCK. I was impressed but later, this turned to an ADDICTION. Now ONE OK ROCK is my favorite band. All the works are really commendable but this is THE BOMB.

Nobody's Home Nobody's Home Cover Art

As a musician, this is slightly superior from the rest in terms of of melody, arrangements, emotional build-up, skills & satisfaction.

I like the intro and it's so deep I can see adele rolling

Although I can't relate to what Taka has been through, this makes me love him and One Ok Rock as a whole even more. It's an emotional, moving and truly beautiful song, the best in my opinion!

Liar Liar Cover Art

This song helps me deal with my anxiety disorder, since I know that what my brain is worrying about and saying are all lies. Since simple relaxation or meditation didn't work with me, this song was a perfect way to help me fight against the anxiety, instead of just letting it 'float on by' like most people say I should be dealing with it. This song helps me get control of my life and my thoughts back. Definitely number 1!

I don't know, I just want to scream this song out to someone. Haha

So emotional! So deep! So true!

It should be at number 1 for sure. Just exceptional.

Clock Strikes Clock Strikes Cover Art

It's the first song me one ok rock I've listened to and it's the best

Probably this one should be in number one.. since I'm not a fans of rock music, but I fall for One Ok Rock because of this song

This is the prefect song for outdoor concert. It's so exciting.

The best, simply the best. The live performance at Yokohama Stadium is one of the most powerful in history

Pierce Pierce Cover Art

This song pierces my heart. This song describes my love story lol.
Love that part

Will I ever love again? Will I then really be able to express the happiness in my heart?

This song is definitely one of my favorites. Heartache , their new song is super awesome too by the way.

One of the best songs I ever heard. The piano background is just PIERCING (it lives up to its namesake). JUST HOW DID IT END UP IN NO.9?

I love this song but not only this every song of one ok rock is awesome!

Even better than some famous piercing ballads out there!

Ending Story?? Ending Story?? Cover Art

This song shows how special Taka's voice is. He can sing, scream, rap. He's voice is beyond

I thing this song about move on and make me want to sream.. good songs good scream

"Let me show someting news" taka

Answer is Near Answer is Near Cover Art

This song's great :)... And I feel like shouting this thing over anyone

I always scream this song driving in the car. Much higher than 10 in my opinion

Should be in top 3 just saying

No.13? You gotta be kidding' me! This is by far my favourite song and it definitely deerves more than this!

Wherever You Are Wherever You Are Cover Art

The first time I heard this song I immediately broke down in tears. It was an emotional reaction the likes of which I've never felt from a song. It still hits hard every time.

His vocals are amazing in this one. Truly a beautiful song.

The rhythm beat is superb and deep-meaning song to me

Such a beautiful song, sung buy Taka's warm voice...

The Same As... The Same As... Cover Art

This is an incredible song for the music and the lyrics. It’s fun and meaningful all at once. One of my favorites!

This song make me deep feeling about heart!

I confessed my feeling to someone with this song

Absolutely my favorite, it's #4 on my favorite rock songs of all time... so yeah.

Deeper Deeper Deeper Deeper Cover Art

I don't know what makes this song so much better in my opinion, this is one that offers a nice break from the style of some of the others, and keeps itself fresh all the time.

I personally thinks that deeper deeper should be in top 3!

I like this song, just that

Catchy as all get out chorus! Super fun to sing!

The Contenders

Mighty Long Fall Mighty Long Fall Cover Art

This song is awesome for those of you that haven"t heard this before you should it's my favourite

This is my top 1. This song is the best to end the concert.

The best song of One ok Rock, just gives me immense chills. Should be at the top of the list.

Definitely it should be in TOP 10!

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer Cover Art

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer is my JAM

Is best song forever for me

This song got me jumping in my bed

First song that really got me really into the band

Smiling Down Smiling Down Cover Art
Re:make Re:make Cover Art

My favorite for all the time. Always reminds me why I love One Ok Rock

Such a great song to rock out to in the car! I love belting the chorus out when I’m alone at home! Such an awesome song!

Catchiest song to me, I love the upbeat music and vocals-Trenton Hawn

It's the first song of One Ok Rock I met, in a music video, and it's by far the best song of all! Has it all! Even the video is great lol

Jibun Rock Jibun Rock Cover Art

Should definitely be in the top 2 in my opinion, puts the rock in the bands namesake for sure!

This is a good song is should be on top 5

The lyrics are awesome, this song deserves to be on the top 5.

The most pure Rock song of the band, and my favorite.

Never Let This Go Never Let This Go Cover Art

Should be in 2 or 1 in my opinion.I think Kaimu should be much higher too.

I think this is the most powerful song of One OK Rock. The combination of scream and clean vocals with these variety of guitar riffs are incredible! Sometimes soft parts between the heavier ones make the song balanced and really diversified. Perfect!

My first song of ONE OK ROCK and the best too!... Perfect combo of all elements

How is clock strikes better?

Et cetera Et cetera Cover Art

This song is so touching, I could cry if I heard this song...

This song is perfect in every way. Meaningful and emotional lyrics with beautiful instrumentation.
The song starts with a beautiful and relaxing intro and then goes into the first verse, which is also as calming and gorgeous, as the music reaches its peak at the chorus. I also love how they have 3 different versions of the chorus, showing the passion and hard-work that these guys put on the making of this outstanding song.
As per usual, Taka's poweful vocals just add a little something to the song.
I believe this song should be at least top 10, but in my opinion it's definitely one of their best songs ever!

C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H. C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H. Cover Art

AMAZING! Never get tired of it. One Ok Rock ROCKS!

Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die today

My Morning song.

I love The Beginning, clock strikes, karasu, Jibun rock, no scared, and all their upbeat songs. I know, they are Rock band. But, why is this not in top 10?

No Scared No Scared Cover Art

This is my number one song of one ok rock in my song list..
But, why doesn't in top ten?

Karasu Karasu Cover Art

The chorus is a typical amazing work of One OK Rock, but the guitar in the intro and verse gives "Karasu" an alternative and catchy touch! Really love this piece of them.

The lyrics, the sound, and Taka's voice!

The lyrics is just... artsy

Keep It Real

Gives me a really chilly kind of feeling. The fast rap between truly catchy and awesome choruses!
The melody of this chorus is in my opinion something really special.

This song is so catchy
I love it when the chorus of any song is catchy

Heartache Heartache Cover Art

It's an amazing song. It might not be the best but all the feels it gives...

This is the best song I guest

One of y favorite

I really love this song!
Even though I don't have the "heartache" experience yet, I can sense and feel the emotion of the song.
It also gives me goosebumps on how it play the members and especially on how it sang by Taka my Love <3!

Cry Out Cry Out Cover Art

I'm cry out knowing this song not on the top 5

Why is this not 1 I love this song

This song is so good? Why so low?

Best of oor

Be the Light Be the Light Cover Art

I can listen to it all day over and over and I'm not fed up with it. The best song ever.

BABYMETAL - Moa&Yui - Growing Up - (Tribute)

This song, included the music and voice can enjoying my mind

Well, it's not like rock-ish song, but just like easy listening. Worth to listen. This song is my favorite actually

Kaimu Kaimu Cover Art

Philosophy lesson from One OK Rock :P
Also one of One OK Rocks most powerful songs! Heavy Guitars, Bass and Drum and a beautiful voice in between. :D

It's just that powerful

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