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21 No Scared No Scared

This is my number one song of one ok rock in my song list..
But, why doesn't in top ten?

22 Cry Out Cry Out

I'm cry out knowing this song not on the top 5

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23 Kaimu Kaimu

Philosophy lesson from One OK Rock :P
Also one of One OK Rocks most powerful songs! Heavy Guitars, Bass and Drum and a beautiful voice in between. :D - Flav

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24 Be the Light Be the Light

I can listen to it all day over and over and I'm not fed up with it. The best song ever.

This song, included the music and voice can enjoying my mind

BABYMETAL - Moa&Yui - Growing Up - (Tribute)

Well, it's not like rock-ish song, but just like easy listening. Worth to listen. This song is my favorite actually

25 The Way Back The Way Back

New song and better than every other song yet. Please vote for this song as it is new and has no votes. It wasnt even included in the list when I saw the list

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26 Heartache Heartache

It's an amazing song. It might not be the best but all the feels it gives...

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27 Last Dance Last Dance

It was different from what they'd usually offer. But it's so damn pretty and catchy. Deserves to be in the top 10!

Deep lyrics, good arrangement, and taka's voice really good.

Amazing song, never be bored to this song.

28 Taking Off Taking Off
29 Nothing Helps Nothing Helps

It's truly good song. My first song to know one ok rock, I personally would like to place it on top five.

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30 Notes n Words Notes n Words

Best song I ever heard must be at top 5

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31 Decision Decision V 1 Comment
32 Suddenly Suddenly
33 Mr. Gendai Speaker Mr. Gendai Speaker

I love this song... really
And I love the "Nobody can find me here, This is my secret place, No one knows and no one will know" part

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34 7
35 Paper Planes Paper Planes
36 Kemuri Kemuri

This song make me goosebumps all the body.

Ok but this is actually my favorite song. It kind of makes me sad it isn't featured anywhere in people's articles about the band. I never really had a favorite song, but this little gem changed that. Give it a chance :D

37 P.P.S.H.
38 Yes I Am Yes I Am
39 Rock, Scissor, Paper V 1 Comment
40 My Sweet Baby My Sweet Baby
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