Luffy & Hancock


Her being older is hardly a reason to hate this ship, but her being blindly obsessed with Luffy and being an awful human being overall IS. Boa Hancock doesn't care about her people, she turns them into stone and treats elderly and animals badly. She only acts like a human being when Luffy or her sisters are concerned. People forget that about her because she is beautiful and because she had a tragic past. But Nami for example also had a tragic past and she is still a wonderful human who forgives and protects. Boa Hancock never leads Luffy in the right direction, she follows his whims and lives in her make-believe fantasy of her feelings being reciprocated. Also Luffy openly rejected her.

I showed a picture of them to my mom keep in mine she doesn't know anything about One Piece and she basically said I thought that woman was his mother or older sister please tell me they are not a couple that's pratically incest. Words from a wise 40 year old woman. Then I showed her Luffy and Nami and she said wow that's basically your fathers relationship with me... oh so my parents are the living luffy nami this is scary too scary.

One sided love that is only made for comedy

Not I have nothing against it, but I don't ship them either

Luffy will be the pirate king and she is the empress so they both are strong and luffy likes strong people. He never showed any attention to anyone and his crewmates are like family to him I don't think he will end up with one of them. I think Hancock is the most suitable one.

It's a fantasy dream pairing, kind of hard to accept it won't actually come to be. I really don't mind who Monkey D. Luffy ends up with. Only if Oda decides to change things up and focus on her character development with others. Even Hancock said herself they won't end up together, but Luffy still owes her at least SOMETHING that'll quench her thirst for him. - XxGodlyBVPTrampXx

She's twelve years older than him and luffy shows no interest in her whatsoever I hate this ship

I want to see boa hancock as luffy wife

Luffy doesn't shown his interest in anyone for that matter! In one piece I think age doesn't matter, Luffy and Nami has a more brother and sister relationship than a lovers. I root for them! Simply they just so cute! Hancock was such a beautiful woman and I think he should marry her when he became the king.

People keep on bringing up that LuNa is brother sister well that's not true because what brother would be sexually attracted to his sister. LuNa is great ship there is a reason it is number 1. - bcrowley0213

He said no because he can't till he's king roger didn't reproduce till before he died

Luffy didn't say that he didn't like his back he just told her what he thought it was. - pytook

I personally love a lot of parings and I have nothing against NamixLuffy, but I just like this couple a little bit better. She is funny, pretty cool and actually shows interest in Luffy!

Luffy told her that he wont marry her, but I think its because he hasn't achieved his goal yet.

Nami is pretty cool too, but the two seem more to care for each other like a normal family, the only time that I saw Nami having a hint that she liked Luffy was in the 10th movie, all the other times it looked like they had a brother sister relationship to me.

I don't hate boa, but I hate this pair. she is 10 years older and luffy already said he won't marry her.

I can't really imagine them together, and I don't know how a serious relationship could work. - Annabelle6

The Pirate King and The Pirate Empress sound good. Furthermore, Hancock's obsessiveness over Luffy is hilarious - Goku02

SanjixHancock for the win I think they'd compliment each other very nicely. If Hancock saw Sanji chivilary I bet she'd be impressed just like she was when Luffy protected her sister's back. Then Hancock would see that Luffy isn't the only great man that exist. Sanji may be a ladiesman, but at least he's not a douche.

Needs more love then Luffy and Nami. - Polarais123

But think about this Luffy is one of the only people I can actually withstand Boa Hancocks power. So even if it is one sided remember luffy has no idea what love and marriage mean.

Luffy is just so clueless about everything I feel Hancock will eventually snatch him as her own when Luffy becomes the pirate king and grows up a little. Something in this pairing is so lovely!

Definitely. Luffy/hancock. Ace+nami. Robin+law.

I also like this couple more than Lufy & Nami because I don't like Nami's character she's kinda selfish...Luffy X Hancock deserves 1st place

Age is not the problem, this is like goku and chichi no1 on list

The only ways to separate this to is dead and for my opinion this couple should be no1 or no2 because this two deserves in that position

I suppose I like this ship. But Luffy is just clueless and I don't even think he knows what liking a girl in that sense is. Lol.

I like them because boa help luffy and it's their destiny to meet each other