Luffy & Nami


Yes, they argue, but they're both well aware that they'll never leave each others sides. Luffy saved Nami from her dark past, and even said himself that for her to be happy, he had to destroy the one place that kept her enclosed from the rest of the world. He freed her. And in return, Nami steers Luffy in the right direction, not just as a navigator, but in his life too. She may scold him, but it's always for their benefit. They understand the feeling of loss, and Luffy trusts her with his treasure and his life. They're an amazing combination, and definitely a ship I will support throughout the rest of the manga/anime.

Has anyone seen the hug in chapter 806? Has anyone seen Nami's reaction to Reiju (Sanji's sister) giving Luffy a CPR? Has anyone seen Luffy's reaction to Nami when she's naked?

If not, then don't come telling me LuNa isn't real. Not only has Luffy given his hat to Nami, but he's also taken care of her when she's sick, kicked Arlong's ass for making her cry (or anyone else who made her cry for that matter), not to mention STRONG WORLD the movie (literally LuNa fangirl paradise), the manga cover pages and a bunch of other stuff.

And then there's Nami who cried for Luffy when Ace died, their constant bickering (which is cute), and Nami depending on Luffy to save her when she needs him.

They obviously trust each other a hell lot, and as you can see from the few examples I gave above, it is DEFINITELY NOT A SIBLING RELATIONSHIP.

Just proving my point here, LuNa is gonna be canon, just you wait.

1. Most popular reason: Their trust for each other. Luffy trusts Nami enough that he gave his hat to Nami 3 times (arlong arc, strong world arc, drums island arc). Nami trusts Luffy as her captain who will always be there to save her and protect her. There are so much evidences that prove their trust for each other but I don't remember them all.

2. Their dreams literally complete each other. Luffy wants to adventure to all corners of the world, and Nami wants to draw the world map. Luffy needs Nami to navigate for him because she is the best navigator in the series, while Nami needs protection from dangers and Luffy is pretty much gonna end up as the strongest character.

3. In Weatheria, when Nami learn about Luffy's situation, she broke into tear by feeling his pain. She even said this "I have to be able to take my captain to any location he wants to go, no matter where it may be" and "If I let him go, he'll die, and he's stupid, so I have to take care of ...more

This is my favorite pairing because they are so cute together and Nami is the only one who can reason with Luffy. Plus they drop hints like Luffy downs food. First if you look at the beginning of the series Nami is the first one Luffy meats (if only an accident and only for a few seconds) and then he fights for a good portion of the East Blue arc trying to get her to join his crew. Also she is the only other one who ever wears his hat. And Luffy saves her 9 times out of 10 when ever their in danger.

Notice that Luffy never gets mad at Nami

It is because nami is the only one luffy let where his straw hat and you see in one piece movie 10 that luffy is willing to sacrifice his life to get nami back from shiki.

The way those two argue is the cutest. We all know that Luffy and Nami are way better than Sanji and Nami shippers. Think for just one minute Luffy doesn't know the meaning of love right but Nami does so Nami is there to get Luffy into shape. LuNa all the way! #1 fan. Also I think it's cute when he always trusts her with his straw hat. I mean first he tells her to not touch his hat but now he just totally gives it to her.

They are the best pairing there is! I think one of the most important factors in their relationship is the trust they have in one another. Luffy is the only one to give her his hat (Usopp and Vivi picked it up and held it). One of the most important factors in their relationship, is that it is warm, trusting, and affectionate. Luffy shows his commitment to her by saving her: from Arlong, Enel, and Shiki. By taking care of her when she is sick, and always making those pay when she cries. Plus chapter 699 cover photo is a good indicator that he has intentions for the two. I think it will be canon by the end or near the end of the story

I have a screenshot of every moment they have been near each other, or looking at each other, or are the only ones being more emphasized than the others, and of course, of any interaction between the two. I have never loved a pairing this much, and even if the series ends with the slightest of hints, I will be happy. Don't he me wrong, I see things that aren't really there, but I pay attention to the series enough to know that luffy and nami sometimes share moments with other characters, but something in luffys tone and actions, and nami's eyes and care for him, have led me to believe fully in them and their relationship. I honestly thought tey were a couple before I actually started One Piece, since I always came across pictures of them together on Google, meaning the couple is largely supported and at least slightly pressuring Oda to consider a bit of something between them, right? Although, oddly enough I've found myself thinking a NamixUssop scene was cute, but I see them less as ...more

The Luffy and Nami Couple doesn't exist? That's funny coming from someone who wants Hancock who is like 12 years older then Luffy to be with him. Luffy has told Hancock flat out he wasn't marrying her. So one couple that doesn't exist is Luffy and Hancock. Besides this is the Luffy and Nami section. You know, the couple that is practically canon by now. The moments between them are constant, and meaningful. So go back to your 8th place shipping and stay away from the sections that enjoy shipping there couples.

I strongly agree with you. I really love them together. Like when I got into one piece I didn't think much of the show. All I saw was this nerdy kid stretching and I thought to my self wow this is stupid. No offense to any one. But than I started to watch more and more of it. I started to like it and now I love it. I also wonder who is that orange hair girl. You know nami when they show her in the beginning so I thought oh okay she might be a main character. So than after luffy started to get he's crew and after he asked nami to join he's crew. Just that connection they had already was something that made me feel, ok I think this too will end up together. So after the whole buggy incident and she managed to go to her hometown. The hat was the most important fact that this to are shipping. Nami than acepeted this boy as her friend and trust him with her life. There a lot of moments I seen this too have. I fell in love with there bond I really wasn't expecting this show to be hidden ...more

There are a lot of canon moments as to why I ship LuNa. Though what is more important, is WHY Oda would ship them. These are my main reasons, that I feel Oda would ship them:

1. Oda met and later married a woman cosplaying as Nami. Enough said.

2. In Romance Dawn - (which he created in middle school) - the first two women characters to be introduced were Silk and Ann, these two characters would later become the basis for Nami. That means he already intended for her to be in the series LONG before One Piece even started.

3. One Piece Movie 10: Strong World. Oda directed the movie. If he didn't want the end scene (which is pretty heavily implied that it is LuNa) then he would have removed it from the movie. I mean if you have seen the movie, the whole thing is a LuNa ship tease. Again if he didn't want it in the movie why didn't he get rid of it?

I could give a thousand canon moments, but those are my major reasons why I think Oda will make Luffy and Nami a ...more

We will ship on because Luffy and Nami is the couple that makes the most sense. Seriously NO OTHER COUPLE MAKES SENSE. So if you have a different couple to ship, perhaps you should ship it in NOT THE LUFFY AND NAMI SECTION. Your ignorant thoughts on couples that don't make sense are of no interest to anyone here. I get you are voicing your opinion but please do it elsewhere. We are not interested in hearing about couples that don't make sense.

Exactly as by others said there is quite a magical relationship between Luffy and Nami. Of course romance shouldn't take over the typical One Piece formula but working some romance up in between the series works quite greatly. In fact who knows maybe Oda is already building it up seeing in how much of a strong bond they have shared throughout the series (like the hat). In fact Oda did state that if he ever got them together it was going to be at the end of the series

This couple is so beautiful! Their dynamic is the most interesting in the series, plus, they argue like a married couple! Luffy is so adorably innocent, yet badass at the same time. Nami loves her money and mikans, but I'm sure she has room in her heart for something even bigger, love for her captain. What sells me the most, however, on this pairing, whether it be friendship or romance, is their trust. Trust is the number one issue relationships seem to lack these days, but it also the building block for a sturdy, long-lasting relationship. It is a must for those couples who are married, otherwise, how would they get through the toughest times? This is my OTP, with ZoroxPerona following a close second.

These two were set to be shipped from the very first episode of the one piece. There are countless number of moments that these Nami and Luffy have had throughout the series. Nami is always with Luffy when he needs to make important decisions (like buying a new ship, the law-strawhat alliance, and separating to Zou). Recently people say they have a sibling-relationship and have been shipping Nami with Sanji in recent chapters. I don't see this because the way that Nami reacted to Sanji's situation is the same way she reacts when any crew member decides to leave the crew (like Usopp and Robin) and that is cry, argue, and try to get them to comeback because she cares about all her friends. She didn't cry when Sanji left unlike Chopper and Brook, but instead in Luffy's arms and felt like she failed Luffy like everyone else that Sanji get taken away. She does this because Luffy is the only person she trusts and feels most comfortable with. Nami is the only person that Luffy places his ...more

Luffy And Nami would be a cute couple, luffy would know how to make Nami laugh, zoro is Just a badass and deserves tashigi and sanji is a flirt and actually deserves violet because violet actually got to the perverted sanji, LuNa for life

What would a king be, without his queen

Come on! If there is a couple in StrawHat crew, it is LuffyxNami. Both have nice interactions with other characters, but those are uncomparable to the bond these two share. I don't think Oda will give us any romantic scenes in the end of the manga, but we have enough proof already that Nami is special to Luffy in a unique way. And that Nami has deep feelings for Luffy. Romance is shining through not-romantic plot in little hints. Though tre romance is not about love, but about adventure.

You have the worst set of blinders over your eyes if you don't see the reality that Luffy and Nami are meant for each other. Its is even worse if you think Sanji has a chance with her. Its time to wake up. There were hints of them getting together since the beginning. I fail to understand how you missed over 700 episodes worth of hints and moments between them.

I know there will be people that ship Luffy with other people and Nami with other people and Oda says that there will be no romance between the crew, but many people believe that towards the end of One Piece there will be some romance. At the end of the day, all the foreshadowing and build up that Oda has made between Nami and Luffy's relationship, makes this pair a guaranteed. Nami cried in Luffy's arms in their reunion in at Zou. Many people say she cried for Sanji, but if you look back at the dialogue it shows she first tells Luffy "I'm sorry" not crying about Sanji's situation, but crying because she failed Luffy continuously apologized to the crew about not being strong enough and was the same as Luffy of not caring whether Sanji got married or not. You can see that Nami and Luffy has some feelings for each other, as Nami KEPT HOLDING, BLUSHING and INTERRUPTED Luffy when he was about to ask why was she holding him, as she told Luffy that she was going with him. Luffy ...more

Luffy and Nami suits together. I couldn't care less about Hancock. Hancock's behavior towards Luffy is like Sanji's behavior towards Nami. It's more like a servant than a close contact relationship.

I wonder if Luffy had ever let another girl touch his hat other than Nami?

Luffy and Nami's moment are the best, you can actually see Luffy worrying about Nami when she's in Danger and On the other hand, Nami also worries about Luffy every time he gets in trouble for his simple mind and every time he fights against strong opponents. They try to support and protect each other in a different way than how they support the other nakama.

I wonder what kind of development there will be in the future?

I also want to see Zoro with Robin. Sanji suits better with a mermaid, maybe like Camie.

Whatever Oda decides, then that's it. I read a shounen and not a shoujo. I should expect that there's no romance even from the start, but I can't help myself from shipping ...more

I like other pairing but by far this is my top favorite of all time

This ship needs to sail... Quickly
The LuNa moments in strong world (Movie 10) Oh wow, I'm still giddy now

Nami is just another precious nakama for Luffy. At no point in canon (manga only) were there hints of anything more between them, despite shippers' claim to the contrary. Yes they have affection for each other but then again the same could be said of all his other crewmates, who were all devoted to Luffy during the separation and worried about him when they heard about Ace's death. He is the main character and captain, the other characters will always gravitate toward him. Nami was not special in that regard. Nami has also shown worries about Usopp, Robin and Sanji when they were "leaving" or in trouble, it's in her nature. It doesn't mean they have feelings for each other. Affection doesn't equal love. I really don't think they see each other in that way. Especially Luffy who doesn't care about girls. They are more like siblings.