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21 Luffy & Nico Robin

Why not? Robin owes Luffy her life for having declared war against the World Government to bring her back. He didn't want her to sacrifice herself in order for them to live. He'd rather die than have one of his nakama sacrifice themselves. This should be at least in top ten people!

I would not be surprised if Luffy and Robin ended up together. Personally I feel this relationship will be Perfect! Robin is not bossy, a control freak, obsessed etc. and does not get on Luffy's nerves. And Luffy does not feel she is scary, he is quite comfortable with her. This pair will be perfect as Luffy is so powerful and energetic like the Sun while Robin is like the cool beautiful Moon. Robin will know when to stop Luffy or not instead of beating him up at anything and everything he does. That's just Luffy being Luffy and Robin thinks that's adorable and so do I. Opposites attract and so I can only pray and imagine how amazing and cute they will be together. I can see Robin sitting in the porch viewing her beautiful garden and feeding Luffy yummy meat while two Raven haired kids scream and shout Mommy and Daddy, one a chibi cute crazy hyper Luffy Jr. and the other a cool cute chibi beauty Robin...

Luffy declared war for her against world, no one declares war with world for someone unless you love them more than world. If luffy wanted to save her and didn't loved her but cared for her as others, he would saved her have the same way he saved nami just get rid of the arlong's gang but he didn't, he didn't fight with bellemay's gang when they said they would purchase nami.

Luffy realized it was an empty threat and if bellamy tried it He would kick his ass like he did when he hurt mount blanc cricket and those two ape pirates. - bcrowley0213

At least see through our eyes and see this pairing working as a best pairing!

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22 Sanji & Vivi

I prefer Sanji with Monet & Vivi with Luffy, no thanks!

Sure why not they look good together

Vivi is with Kohza.

Luffy x Vivi! Sanji x Viola

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23 Law & Robin

They're just perfect together, physically and mentally. They share the same dark humor and personality. They are taciturn, smart and mysterious. They form such a good team -in the dress Rosa arc but also against Ussop when they turn him mad haha -. They also seem to not sleep the night -in some episode we can see Robin's reading the night while the others are sleeping and Law has circles under his eyes-. They're also both closed to Chopper, Law because of his medicine's skills and Robin because of her maternal instinct and her love for the books. In fact, Law just seems to be Robin's male version. There's just a little difference between them, Law hates bread while Robin's favorite food are sandwiches, but that's not really important x) - Nukinuchan

I love love love them together! They are so similar. Dark, mysterious, sexy, badass, cool, strong on the inside and outside! I ship them so much! Thank you Robin fans for getting this idea! I love you guys! Robin Robin Robin! I hate Nami (sorry Nami fans) and Robin is like me! She is my role model!

Maybe... I prefer Robin with Zoro... but Law is so damn hot and I find them really perfect together! I think Law could fall in love with Robin also in real life. And she with him. A threesome?

Awww I ship so hard oda please end them together

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24 Kizaru & Weeds

Cool 10/10 agree to this

My favourite ship

This is so canon...

Obvisouly canon - bcrowley0213

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25 Law & Bonney

NO WAY! She would totally gross out clean freak Law.

I could see them together, they're cute together, they'd make a cute couple, but no, no, no, no. If they had more screen time interaction together, then maybe.

That's it. Law and Bonney, handsome+gorgeous. that's perfect.


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26 Law & Nami

Theirs something about these two that just click. They both are two of the most sane people amongst the crew and they just seem to have some of the same reactions towards luffys stupidity and stuff. I think their personalities go well together and law trust nami and knows she one of if not the most responsible crew member( when he gives her the vivre card) and how he saved her when he really didn't have to and they didn't even form an alliance yet and how he just looked at her a few times or when nami smiled at him at the table while he was being all shy and looked away and how she stood up for law to luffy. their just so cute! If none of the straw hats get together I definitely think law and nami would be a great couple!

Interesting, a word best describe both Nami and Law as a couple. Law's coolness and laid-back personality complements Nami's selfishness, controlling tsundere-like personality. Law have a bad boy side and Nami also has a soft spot. Opposite attracts folks. And I wanna see more of them together.

Is like my mind says ship them but my heart says no. It's like there would be a lack of romance, I can't see Law feeling that way about Nami and I can't see Nami feeling like passion for him. I don't know its like the two pieces of a puzzle that seem like they are going to fit together but they don't.

They're hot together! While I'm crazy about Law now, Nami should take him!

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27 Zoro & Perona

Well in all honesty, I believe it's an amazing ship because over the 2 years they spent together there was a mutual respect placed in a bond between them. Also there were also hints of her showing affection and she did heal him out of her own will. Mihawk obviously didn't care and he could've gotten rid of her and etc; In the end Perona blossomed into a beauty along with her affection with Zoro

They are so cute together and their personality's totally match! He is his own self when being with her and so is she, I love it

I sincerely felt that this couple is the clumsiest and also the cutest. In my opinion if Tashigi would get scrapped already, Perona and Zoro would become almost instantly the most awesome couple. I'm also expecting Perona to join Luffy's crew. Second after this, at a somewhat close distance is of course Luffy and Boa/Nami/Robin... who says we can't also have a harem for the MC?

Just yes I loved them together

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28 Luffy & Meat

I ship LuNa all the way across the world, but THIS... This is the most romantic love in the history of manga kind.

The only true love in this world

Let's be honest here... Meat is Luffys true love and always will be, if luffy ever decided to become a vegetarian or something the world would end

If there is such a thing as true love this would be it

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29 Sanji & Pudding

! this couple finally appeared here lol! well wether it's a crack pairing that will someday be canon I definitely love the chemistry between these two. This is the first couple I started shipping where one was trying to kill the other and the other was avoiding to get killed, I don't know but their moments together where we know pudding is evil has the most chemistry of all, and then when sanji complimented her eyes, that's it for me, I started shipping them. As a Sanji fan, I felt like pudding as a woman has the most unique interaction with Sanji, he already did something no one has ever done for her, call her eyes beautiful, now I'm waiting for the thing only she can do for Sanji because if she does, then she will be "The One" for Sanji

Good couple- a yandere and pervert

Finally I've been waiting for this c:

30 Gladius & Baby 5

It might be sexy but Baby 5 needs some one who treats her with romance and warmness aand Gladius is just so cold.

I am still hoping that Oda changes his mind and chooses this couple instead of BabySai.

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31 Roger & Rouge

Of course Roger and Rouge they are married and cannon and their son is Fire Fist Ace for God Damn sake!

I don't think it's gonna happen :P



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32 Luffy & Law

Not only did Law help Luffy when he was in trouble, something completely unusual to his reputation, even though Luffy was a rival, and would possibly be an enemy in the future. After they met and became allies, they got close really fast. Luffy hangs on Law all the time. More than his crew, and Law complains about it, but never does anything about it. When confronting Doflamingo, it was apparent that Law has total faith in Luffy and the other straw hats for all the miracles they pulled off. Also I can't forget Luffy's rage when he thought Law was dead in dressrosa, moving him out of the Battle field and Laws vow, to watch the battle to the end, and Die with Luffy if he fails. Say what you want, but it is obvious these two have a connection, and that they care for each other, even if Law wont admit it.

Law helped Luffy when he had no obligation to help, he cares about him.

I have to admit that I can't really ship Luffy with anyone else now. But I also ship it because he had zero reaction to Hancock naked or her power, so doesn't that say at least a little bit about his sexuality? Also, this pairing in the top four relationships (based on popularity) on AO3.

Perfect Shipp

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33 Franky & Baby 5

Oh, come on, people! Why do all these random ships come from. You've people have got to stop. Franky and Baby 5? NO.

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34 Marco & Bonney

Where do all these random, no-good ships come from. They don't look cute together, no chemistry, don't go well together.

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35 Zoro & Luffy

I love them together. I think luffy trusts zoro the most out of all the crew and zoro's huge amount of loyalty is what makes me ship them the most in one piece. They both need each other to fufill their dreams and zoro has been willing to throw away his life for luffy like in the thriller bark arc where kuma made him feel luffy's pain but didn't hesitate to accept it. These two are the cutest couple in one piece in my opinion.

It would be interesting they have had a lot of time to bond and Soto's loyalty to Luffy is astounding people say Nani is the voice of reason on the crew but I believe zoro is. And it's very clear they deeply care about each other

Yes, I love this ship!

YES! best couple for me I love them when they are toghether I get really crazy in my head, they are perfect for each other!

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36 Luffy & Vivi

There has to be a reason Vivi (a princess) was put on the crew for awhile. in my opinion once Luffy becomes pirate king, he will reveal Vivi is the girl for him and make her his queen.

Luffy's Japanese Voice Actor, herself said that it was Princess Vivi Luffy was interested with, not Nami.. She said that once a crew got in a ship, it'd be impossible for them to be in that kind of relationship

Trust me this will happen :) I saw hints with this one

I love this, Luffy has special cares to Vivi,different to all girls ♡
Also, Luffy's seiyuu said herself that luffy has a strong feeling towards princess vivi, although she was left behind, you can check that in youtube

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37 Sogeking & Usopp

There's a reason why they have kept their "friendship" a secret until that stormy night on the train...

I really hope people somehow make this top ten.

Winner. Bump this one UP people!

YAS - daddyjotaro

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38 Zoro & Perona

Where has it ever said that Nami and Zoro end up together? If you have some proof of that, I would love to see it, along with any other couples that are supposed to end up together. Personally, I can see Sanji with either Zoro or Nami, for different reasons. Zoro I don't see with Nami at all.

Hm... Well I guess... I don't know... I mean, sure, but like... How? We need more proof to actually prove this, although I think it's cute...

I don't think so what about Nami remember Zorro and Nami ending up together


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39 Luffy & Zolu

I think they go adorable together. They both trust each other, and they also both have a true friendship. Zoro would sacrifice his life for Luffy, not just as his captain, but as his best friend. This is the same with LuNa, a romantic relationship would just reinforce them together. I believe ZoLu should be in the Top 10, not all the way at the bottom. Please, make it happen.

He was his first crew member his first shipmate.

They both love to battle head-on and were the first two crewmembers

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40 Law & Monet

Hey! Hey! Hey! They only got little screen time interaction together. And it's too obvious that Law don't have thing towards her. They don't zing together. Give it up guys. She is already a sworn loyal underling of Doflam. And if it's with Doflam then it's a different case.

How do u know? Their are both smart and interesting person.. And Monet master is now in prison and if she is alive she is free now. She can do whatever she wants..

Woah, who the heck added this list? Law was pretty much the one who killed Monet. He gave her heart to Vergo. And yeah... she's dead.


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