Sanji Vinsmoke & Charlotte Pudding


Definitely the best match in the history of One Piece pairings.

Pudding wants the Sanji and he needs to get laid soon. Match made in heaven if you ask me. She's the only girl that actually reciporated his heart eyes.

For years people have been shipping characters because of stupid things such as looking at each other, standing next to each other and moments only they can see with their shipping googles. Now that we got such an obvious perfect match, with similar experiences and hobbies, mutual attraction and complementary personalities, it makes all the other ships look sillier than ever.

They share so many similarities: they went through very similar situations and they had to deal with the "Am I a human or a monster? " question a lot along with identity issues that forced them to wish for their families to leave them alone.
This was also the very first time Sanji made a sincere compliment to a girl without making the pervert/heart-eyed face; Pudding is also the first girl to ever heart-eye Sanji.

Wow, this ship's popularity sure skyrocketed in a short period of time. I understand, I think Sanji can't find a better match, I just wish to see Pudding becoming a bit more stable if this relationship is going to work. A 3-eyed, curly-brows baby would be the best thing ever. lol Please make it happen Oda! - madrigaelle

I love the fact that Sanji acts natural around her, even when she is obviouslt fawning over him. Sure he got heart eyes a few times but the rest of the time he is just himself. That is so refreshing! That's make me ship them even more.

Personally, I think there is a difference when it comes to Sanji and Pudding compared to, let's say, Viola for example. And that's why many people forgot about Viola so quickly, not just because Pudding was the "new girl in town", but because it was obvious that she was a better match for Sanji. Personally, I never took Sanji X Viola too seriously. But when it comes to Sanji X Pudding, it's another story.

First, Pudding loves him. And I don't think it's just a crush. Her devastation when he left is quite telling.

Second, Sanji's behaviour seemed a little bit different from usual when he was with her after the revelation. Sure he had the heart eyes... like 2 times maybe? but for the most part the roles were reversed, with him acting quite normal with her and keeping his distance (while being very nice and complimentary) while SHE was the one losing her mind around him. Perhaps because of her tsundere act or because he had more important things on his mind or ...more - AlixM

They are such a funny couple and Pudding truly seems to love Sanji for who he is. I totally ship them!

Out of all the pairings, I think this one has the most potential, along with SaboxKoala. They are compatible and Oda gave obvious hints. - Annabelle6

I am so glad to see so many people love them too, despite the fact that this pairing is quite recent compared to the others. It shows how obvious this couple is. No one can deny it at this point. No matter what happens I will root for them

Ok, I've never been a big One Piece shipper and never thought I would be, because I never saw One PIece as that kind of anime. Always thought OP ships were kinda silly to be honest. But this couple really grew on me. I tried to resist, but now with that (possible) kiss last chapter, I have to give up and offically declare myself a SanPu shipper. I doubt Oda introduced such a unique character, a woman who happens to be so well suited for Sanji and give them so much character development... only to drop the whole thing at the end. That's unlike him. So I'm curious to see where Oda is taking them. Only time will tell. But for now, Sanji's unusual behavior around her really sells this pairing for me. By unusual, I mean him acting normally instead of a love-struck fool. lol It shows that Pudding is different from the others. If it took a heartbreak for him to get to this point, it was worth it. As for her, there is no question of her feelings, she just has to learn to express them for ...more - AlixM

Unlike most couples on this list, I can definitely imagine them in a relationship, preparing food together and fawning over each other while their nakama sweat drop in the background. They would make such a funny and adorable couple.

Someone mentioned Pudding is the Harley Quinn to Sanji's Joker. Sounds about right. But a much cuter version. The ultimate pairing to conquer them all.

The first couple I ship in One Piece! I actually think it can become canon, since Oda insisted a lot on how similar they are and how much Pudding loves Sanji. I mean come on she was completely devastated by his departure. It's not like what happened with Viola or Hancock when their crush left. With them it was still funny and light-hearted. With Pudding it wasn't like that at all, it was sad and heartbreaking, with her crying alone in an alley. She didn't even get to apologize to him like she wanted to. Why would Oda do that? The guy is usually a sucker for happy endings! So I definitely think he's going somewhere with this. Besides it's obvious they are going to meet again when Big Mom will confront Luffy once more. And maybe it's too much to hope for, but in my opinion Pudding has all it takes to be a Straw Hat: a sad past, unique powers and quirks, she's from a mysterious tribe and she would have a designated role on the crew helping Sanji. And there is nothing holding her back on ...more

SanPu is sailing so hard it's sinking all the other ships on its way! :P Seriously though, they're the best. First perfect match in One Piece.

I have a feeling it's going to become canon. I cannot think of two characters more well-suited to each other.

I just watched episode 832. I think they did a really good job with Pudding's flashback. I felt really sad for her, way more than I did reading the manga. And I think that's important, because it helps us understand why she felt so touched by Sanji's words and why she fell for him "so easily" as some have people would say. That's the power of the anime. It can do good sometimes. - lilyflower

This pairing grew on me. I think Pudding suits Sanji very well and their relationship could work. Pudding seems to love Sanji, all of him, and she would definitely be able to handle his womanizer attitude. lol - evy2526

Ah come on, it has to happen! Not only do their personalities match, but I'd really like Sanji to hook up with such a unique woman. Daughter of yonko and a member who the three-eyed tribe who can hear the voice of all things and read poneglyphs. That's so cool! Imagine how unique and badass their children would be. Vinsmoke + Charlotte = top notch genes right there! And since multiple births is a genetic thing and both families have a rather...impressive history, I'm pretty sure we would have plenty of little princes and princesses running around. :D They could all work together in a restaurant on All Blue. Awww, please Oda!

I love them so much! Sometimes I even try to imagine what their children would look like. Yeah I know, I've got it bad...

The absolute best One Piece pairing!

I love them so much! And to think I wanted Sanji to kick her in the face not too long ago. lol Man did things change!

As an anime watcher only, I must say that what happened during last episode (the wedding) really got me interested in this ship. I do not support it yet because she was really aweful to Sanji and a tragic past is no excuse, but I will definitely keep my eyes on them. Judging by the comments, it seems promising.

Closest thing to canon we've ever had, compatible personalities, similar past, mutual attraction... Can you say the same of the other pairings on this list? No doubt, this is definitely the best One Piece pairing!

I love this couple. She's perfect for Sanji.