Zoro & Nami


I can't imagine this pairing at all. Not only do their personalities not match at all, but I never saw any kind of chemistry between them. Nami has a bigger bond with the other East Blue boys - Annabelle6

Most pairings on this list are dumb, but this one takes the cake! Never gonna happen.

Yes, this is a very good pairing. Based on their zodiac signs, their a perfect match. Zoro is a Scorpio, Nami a Cancer and Sanji a Pisces. They're all water signs, so either Zoro or Sanji is a good match for Nami. Very interesting love triangle, remains me of the countless times Zoro throws an insult like "love-cook" towards Sanji whenever he flirts with Nami and then a fight begins. I've noticed Nami uses Zoro as a shield/protector often and it's a fact Zoro has saved her life more than any other in the crew. I dare say in any dangerous situation, Nami depends on Zoro more than any other. I like the idea of the person with the worst sense of direction being together with the person with the best sense direction. I see them as a pair of Tsundere, their fights just demonstrate their passion for each other.

Come on, this seems like the most obvious pairing to me. Although Nami and Zoro bicker, it amusing and adorable. Like an old married couple. Besides, Zoro is always protecting nami, the most out of anyone else in the crew. And you can tell Nami cares about him as well like when she stayed with him when he was injured while everyone else was partying. Zoro and Nami have a lot of chemistry, so much it's almost impossible to ignore.

I feel like these two are a very good choice. They both complement each other well and both of them are like guardians to Luffy. What's more, it has been shown many times that although they can argue a lot, there are still times they agree on and can talk without biting each other's necks. Not only that, they also show a lot of care for each other than one would think. Like the time Zoro was seriously trying to navigate when Nami got sick, even telling her to get sleep while he "takes care" of it. Or the time Zoro was deeply injured, Nami and Chopper stayed by his side. Interesting is also the fact that Nami just knows very well which buttons to push to make Zoro angry (like that time in Whiskey Peak about the debt..). Luffy and Nami are more like siblings only. - MajiMikan

They make the most sense. out of all the couples this is the only one I can actually see happening, so what if zoro and robin are both quite, she is 10 years older than him and quite frankly she views most of them as family and nothing more. Zoro and Robin paired are definitely one of my most hated pairing. but I love robin but she would be much better suited with franky.

They should be number one. Their personalities match and they understand each other. They make a beautiful couple that would balance each other out.

I love them together! I just can't see them with someone else. Luffy and Nami seem like siblings or best friends. I may have thought they could be something if Luffy didn't treat all of the crew the same, because to him they are all equally important. Now Zoro and Robin I can never see. I like Robin and all but she and Zoro are more like friends to me (plus Robin and Franky are so cute together. I don't know why but they are.) Nami and Zoro are the perfect fit for each other and they have what the other one lacks. For instance: Zoro's terrible sense of direction and Nami's navigation skills; Zoro's amazing fighting skills and Nami's "manages to get by" fighting skills. They also have no problem yelling at each other, out of care or anger, plus they can go back to their normal selves afterwards (like they can't stay mad at each
other☺️). And as a wonderful bonus they are so SEXY together, I mean a hot, muscular man with a beautiful, hourglass figured woman makes an incredibly ...more

Zoro and Nami are the BEST-COOLEST couples even though they argue a lot and fight they still care for one another it's like two couples who doesn't want to show their feelings to each other or admit that they love each other but somewhere in their heart they still have feelings for each other I think if one is one can see that Zoro and Nami are the best pair in in one piece is obviously they should end up together

Not that I dislike it, but I seriously don't get that vibe from these two. I feel like Nami has more chemistry with Luffy, Sanji and Usopp than with Zoro. Which is why it's so perplexing to me. - evy2526

Honestly they make an adorable couple I just can never see Robin and Zoro together because Zoro doesn't really notice her or even talks to her a bit. I think, that Robin and Franky are cute but Zoro and Nami are cute he saves her a lot.

This pairing is my favourite! OPPOSITE ATTRACTS, PEOPLE! Stop shipping Robin and Zoro or Luffy and Nami!

Haha good one! Zoro and Nami would need couple therapy after one week.

I just don't get why people like nami x luffy and zoro x robin. I just really can't see those pairings at all. Ever since I've started reading the manga, it has always been zoro and nami for me. The thing about the trust between luffy x nami and zoro x robin seems to be more like friendship to me. I mean they seem more like bestfriends rather than lovers whatsoever. I just like the fact that nami and zoro fights every damn time and how they drive each other crazy. Besides I just really coudn't see luffy with anyone at all and that robin is more like a mother or an elder sister to her crewmates.

I feel like this ship is not even in the realm of possiblity. I don't understand where that comes from. They bicker but not even in an endearing way. They are barely shown caring or worrying about the others.They are not compatible in any way. I don't ship LuNa or SaNa but I can admit they are 10x more likely to happen than ZoNa. Hell even ZoSan is more likely to become canon than ZoNa! This pairing just makes no sense whatsoever and the arguments here are all so absurd it's actually funny: "Zoro smells like steel and Nami loves money"? "Zoro = strong and Nami wants to discover the world = STRONG WORLD" LMAO Is that the best they can come up with? Also someone said Zoro is the one who always saved Nami? The hell? You really want to go there? Because let me tell you, if we compare Zoro to Sanji when it comes to saving Nami, not only will Zoro lose, but he's not even in the competition to begin with! When did Zoro save Nami in canon by the way? With Buggy 20 years ago? One tiny ...more - lalonde_marilou

I personally think they are the best and cutest couples

They are sooo cute and they so suit each other and plus they look really good and he actually shows the sign that he cares about her because in one of the episode he said he wouldn't punish her for dropping him down the oily path on the mountain.

Nami and Zoro, along with Luffy is stated to be the trigger of One Piece. Since I don't see Luffy is the type to be in love, I go for Zoro and Nami. These two have potential to end up together even if it's not romantic. Just having Nami around Zoro or vice versa is enough. These two complement each other greatly.

This pairing is just too perfect

Definitely not! Their bond is like siblings. - madrigaelle

Zoro does not go with robin because he didn't really trust her also he goes well with Naomi because he always says he doesn't care what happens to her but he ends up protecting her

Because they are beautiful pair. Whether they are going to happen or not, I don't care because I ship this pair ever since Zoro saved her from Buggy's men. He saves her a lot too. And then, there was an off-panel scene where Zoro watched over her when she was sick, and then hundred chapters later on, we saw Nami watched over him too during his recuperating. Oda never forgets those two. And then in one of the colorspreads, Nami touched Zoro's face. That's one skin to skin contact I am craving for after a long time after the piggyback ride scene. I will never ship anyone except zona.

I simply love zoro and Nami they are good together they even each other out pretty well plus there have been hints through out the series that they like each other

What? This pairing really don't deserve top 10.

Who else can command Zoro like a boss and leave unscathed? Nami.