Zoro & Sanji


I think it's at the end Thriller Bark arc is when I really shipped them. In the end, they really did care about each other.

Like the best ship in one piece aka my only ship in one piece but it's still awesome

They have the most chemistry together than any other couple. Their good together.

They care about each other we all knew it, even if it's in a friendly way

I hate myself so much so succumbing to the ways of the yaoi but I just CAN'T HELP IT. They would just be so cool together. Even more so that it's probably physically impossible for Sanji to act like himself around other women.

I usually ship this kind of pairings... but somehow I don't see myself shipping it, still cute though

This ship is everything to me I love it so mUCH

I definitely agree this ship is one of the more comedic pairings. They literally argue like an old couple.

I don't like shipping these two together but they are the most popular ships in one piece franchise I was expecting this to be#1lol

Their hilarious when their together

One of my favorite yaoi couples

They are just always together, like really!

I really do Ship this, no matter how hard I try not to.

Perfect attract. They act like two secret lovers.

This has way more dj's then anything on that list! Why is it not there?!?!?

This is the greatest, cutest and sexiest couple in the world

Love them. They really look like an old married couple. they are so sweet like rivals and friends. Sanji protected Zoro when he was wounded in arlong park, also they are great partners and if they combine their powers they make a great and really strong team.

Hell Yes I mean I'm in love with gays. Zoro and Sanji bicker a lot which makes them even cuter! I think this a perfect couple in my opinion but I love ZoRo More. Gay haters back tf off!

Hell yeah, I know its out of sanji's characters to be with a guy but come on, he acts like himself around him and they both do care for eachother

Ok they won't be together but I literally love them, they're completely different but somehow the same. they respect each other like no one else do and in my opinion they're deeply in love!

This couple certainly has a lot more sense than a Zorobin (Zoro is perfect for Sanji, not for Robin).

They care so much for each other, at first they really did hate each other but after they got along,and plus they have a love/hate relationship.who doesn't love it. There's also a saying like "opposites attract" which is so true!

Despite the bickering they care about eachother so much, and the just complement each other so well.

I LOVE THIS PAIRING SO MUCH! it's literally one of the most shipped pairing in the entire one piece franchise. how do you not love to ship two people who bicker like a married couple all the time? - daddyjotaro

No matter how much some people want this ship its probably not going to happen due to this manga being a shohen manga and shohen usually don't have yaoi. - bcrowley0213