Top Ten One Piece CP9 Members

A list on the best CP9 members from One Piece. Who is your favourite.

The Top Ten

1 Kaku

Best CP9 member of all, and probably my favourite character ever. He is an amazing fighter and assassin, not only that but he is very comical, a nice guy (However cold when being an assassin) and a really developed character.

Has an epic battle with Zoro, one of my favourite Straw hats, is hilarious with his giraffe zoan devil fruit and he seems to be the only one who learns his lesson at the end. It's hard not to like Kaku. - Erikelelf

2 Lucci

One of the greatest One Piece villains of all time who fights against Luffy in another epic battle where he puts to use his new Gears 2 and 3. A complete sadist that makes you hate him for all the right reasons. - Erikelelf

3 Blueno

I just really like his design and voice and his devil fruit ability is really cool. He is one of the most memorable to me. - Erikelelf

4 Kumadori

Probably the weirdest out of CP9 which makes me like him even more. His powers are weird and his overall character is hilarious. - Erikelelf

5 Jabra

His wolf form is cool and I like his laid back behaviour and character design. - Erikelelf

6 Kalifa
7 Fukuro

Another weird member who made a great opponent for Franky's first fight. - Erikelelf

8 Nero
9 Funkfreed
10 Spandam
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