Best One Piece Story Arcs

Not entire sagas, but the story arcs inside each of them.

The Top Ten

1 Enies Lobby Arc


The arc is Oda’s masterpiece with all the amazing setup, plot twists and epic fights truly make it the greatest arc in all of One Piece. We had all the stuff with Usopp, Robin, Franky and of course CP9.

2 Long Ring Long Land Arc

The Idea of a sport like the davy back fight was very creative and entertaining, plus the arc was the perfect length. - DanoMR98

I voted enies lobby but the only reason I like this arc is because of foxy's stupid laugh. lol!

3 Skypia Arc

Best arc, with the best plots and not to forget a God

4 Alabasta Arc
5 Water 7 Arc
6 Marineford Arc

Well I really enjoyed this arc it was full of good action and it's the mid way point of of the series before the time skip it just is amazing seeing him fight his way towards his brother just too see him die in front of him a real tear jerker

Summit wars were the most action I've seen in any anime ever.

It Had A Huge battle.

It's the best war ever seen.from whitebeards entry & luffy entry in war to the end of the war all is best. the death of major characters in arcs makes it even worth watching

7 Arlong Park Arc

Damn this arc shouldn't be this high. Overrated.

This one was very interesting. And the fight between the Straw Hats and the merman was epic! It was a difficult fight, but in the end they won and Coco village, along with Nami, were set free.

It didn't have anything special, yet people overhyping it - smill

8 Whole Cake Island Arc

I love this arc so far

Big Mom, Katakuri, the Vinsmoke, tsundere Pudding, Sanji's backstory, Luffy vs Sanji, epic battles... this arc got it all. Also one of the most emotional arcs so far.

9 Jaya Arc
10 Little Garden Arc

The Contenders

11 Ocean's Dream Arc
12 Dressrosa

This should be top 3

Doflamingo is all I gotta say

One word, Doflamingo

This arc so was long and sleep-inducing with tons of moments I couldn't care less about, such as the coliseum fights, Kyros and Rebecca and the tontatas or whatever their name was. Only good part was Doflamingo and Corazon.

13 Post-Enies Lobby (Thousand Sunny Construction) Arc
14 Thriller Bark

Best thriller, unique characters, badass moments of crew fighting together, and Zoro's "nothing happened" moment!

Unique characters, Setting and fights. - and Moria's laughing was the best.

Thriller park was just too unique and amazing, the setting was the best, the characters, specially perona, the zombies and how luffy reacts with them, Brooks backstory was so emotionaland sad,the ending of the arc where they celebrate and they sing binks sake is amazing and also emotional, and zoro taking Luffy's pain was epic, abusalum wanting to marry NamI was so much funny, the best of all was the setting and Brook's story

15 Sabaody Archipelago Arc
16 Baratie Arc
17 Impel Down

Magellan was epic and it was nice to see the return of some of the Baroque Works agents.

18 Amazon Lily arc
19 Punk Hazard Arc

The fight between Luffy and Caesar Clown was pretty cool.

20 Lovely Land Arc
21 CP-9 Arc
22 Drum Island Arc
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