Best One Time Survivor Players

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1 Kim Spradlin - Winner - Survivor: One World

Played by FAR the best single game in Survivor history, and in her first time playing the game. It far and away topped say Boston Rob's performance on his 4th attempt, despite also winning. Should be easily #1 on this list.

Kim out classes Chris in almost every department. Don't get this ranking. - feisty37

Chris was great, but over Kim?!?! No way.

Way better than Chris. Should be over him with at least twice the votes. What a joke to see her behind. - quackerpacker

2 Danni Boatwright - Winner - Survivor: Guatemala

Was all by herself against an alliance of 6 as the biggest jury threat and arguably the biggest physical threat. Still won. It was what Chris did except being a bigger threat, minus the gender factor.

The most underrated winner in history bar none. Such a great player.

Queen of Survivor! Would school Sandra if they were on a season together, Parvati too. Maybe only Kim could stand up to her, at least amongst other women. - feisty37

I loved that she honored Gary's secret through the whole game. A person with a lot of integrity in addition to a great player.

3 Chris Daugherty - Winner - Survivor: Vanuatu

Such a great player. I wish he would be back on the show. Jeff stop being bitter since he voted out your girlfriend. He knew he would lose to Julie, that is why he voted her out, it was smart.

Awesome player. Better than Kim? Maybe not but remember he was up against real Survivor players unlike cardboard cutouts like Kim.

I love Chris but how on earth is he over Kim on this list!?

His social and strategic games pretty game but physicall game sucked. He had to make a Fat Five alliance on the boys tribe to survive and was so useless the women voted out a 1 legged man over him. He then lucked in to have stayed in just long enough the womens tribe cannibalized itself and got to the end as a supposed goat, but won over Twila through a bitter jury. To put him even close to the amazing Kim is insulting.

4 Yul Kwon - Winner - Survivor: Cook Islands

Yul is a social god I want him back to play in modern survivor and see how well he would do

Awesome overall player. His only weakness seemed to be challenges since he didn't win one but that was a combination of being against Ozzy, and not really trying his hardest since he was so protected in the game, and I am sure at full effort he is pretty awesome in them. - morrislawes

Awesome player. Should be higher on this list, ahead of all of Chris, Todd, and Grant, although maybe behind Kim.

The most perfect game of Survivor ever played by anyone.

5 Grant Mattos - 8th Place - Survivor: Redemption Island

A true triple threat who is outstanding in physical activities and challenges, has one of the best social games and would always win a jury vote against anyone, and is also strategic and intelligent. Had he not been on a season with an experienced master like Rob, or Rob gave in to their friendship and brought him to the end, he would have won Redemption Island hands down. Could easily win a second season someday. - feisty37

Strong at challenges and great social game. Was unlucky not to win his season and would do great on a return.

Would love to see him on a Second Chances type season. Would probably win.

He seems like a sweet man, but I am a bit surprised he is high up on so many lists. in my opinion he was a good player, not a great player. He could be a great player on a 2nd chance maybe, I think he was not enough a follower of the game to get things the first time around. It depends if he has followed the show since his season, can't really say as I don't know much about him at all. Yeah he wins if Rob didn't vote him out, but that it was so easy for Rob to do that with Grant seemingly totally in the dark is already telling enough. - roughstuff

6 Todd Herzog - Winner - Survivor: China

Great player and I am so happy to see him doing better after his drinking problems for awhile. It warms the heart. - quackerpacker

Awesome player. Shame his drug and drinking problems have kept him from returning to Survivor.

He isn't rated higher due to some homophobic people since he is gay.

Impressive he won against 2 strong opponents at the end which is rare in modern survivor. - feisty37

7 Brian Heidek - Winner - Survivor: Thailand

Jeff didn't want him back since he knew he would win any returnee season and he is jealous how much better than his fave Boston Rob he is.

A way better version of Boston Rob.

Sadly almost forgotten by many. The original first true villian legend and winner. - feisty37

He makes we wet myself.

8 Wendell Holland - Winner - Ghost Island

Just an awesome player. Fully deserved to win Ghost Island.

Love him. I hope he climbs even higher on this list, to #1 maybe. He was a great winner, beating a super tough opponent like Dom is huge! Even Laurel wasnt exactly a goat. - roughstuff

9 Domenick Abbate - Runner Up - Ghost Island

One of the best non winning games ever. So sad to see him go down on a tiebreaker. As Laurel said both he and Wendell would have been great and super worthy winners.

Just an awesome player and a stand up guy, class act all the way! - feisty37

10 Brett Clouser - 4th Place - Survivor: Samoa

Such a great player. So close to being the easy winner of his season.

Would have easily beaten everyone in a jury vote, including Natalie or Russell. By far best social and physical player of season, and strategi too.

So close to easily winning this season!

If Galu don't boot Erik easily wins the season.

The Contenders

11 Natalie Bolten - 4th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

She needs to return and not be a one time player anymore. Not a great player but super entertaining character. Her bedroom habits question to Parvati was the best.

Funny fact, everyone named Natalie at least came 4th place.

Mediocre, just road coattails of Parvati until it was her time to be voted off.

Entertaining player, but not skilled at the game. - morrislawes

12 Rafe Judkins - 3rd Place - Survivor: Guatemala

Really was the best player this season. His plan to convince Steph to get rid of all her goats so she would take him to the end was brilliant. One really dumb move, keeping Danni over Lydia at the Final 4, cost him the whole game.

13 Justin Jay Starrett - Survivor Millennials vs Generation X

Great player, who was very close to winning that season. Beats everyone in a jury vote, even David.

Would have crushed Adam easily in a jury vote.

Such a charmer and great player. Without David and his genius fake idol wins this season. Rearly hope he is back. - morrislawes

14 Natalie Anderson - Winner - Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

One of the best winners ever. Should be way higher on the list.

How is Eddie and grant higher than her lmfao

Was underrated. Only 12th is crazy. Pulled off big moves, very balsy game. - morrislawes

15 Eddie Fox - 4th Place - Survivor: Caramoan

Not the best player by any stretch but one of the sweetest, funniest, and almost possible what winner the show has ever seen. - morrislawes

I wish he had gotten to open that dog bar.

16 Earl Cole - Winner - Survivor: Fiji

He was the first player to win unanimous jury votes.He was also a leader throughout which should have put a huge target on his back,yet it didn't,because all his allies trusted him due to his excellent social skills.

The fact that he isn't top 3 is disappointing. He dominated the game and was the first person to get all the votes at Final Tribal Council

Awesome player. Very worthy of winning his season. Made tough choice to vote off best friend right at the end. I still think he beats even You Man, just not in a sweep. - morrislawes

17 Cydney Gillon - 4th place - Survivor Kaoh Rong

Awesome player! Was one fire challenge from winning the game, I am sure of it.

18 Rory Freeman - 10th Place - Vanuatu

Was so good, should lasted WAY longer.

19 Natalie White - Winner - Survivor: Samoa

Joke she isn't on this list and yet Natalie Bolton who was useless and a non threat is high up on it. Natalie by contrast actually won a season (and all except Russelltards who are the dumbest humans alive agree she deserved it).

Not one of my favorites but a wrongly much criticized winner. Russell is so overrated and Natalie schooled and duped him. - morrislawes

20 Lisa Whelchel - 2nd Place - Survivor: Philippines

I know I am in the minority but I think she was robbed a bit by a bitter jury. The jury resented she was already wealthy and famous so made sure someone who needed the money more won. Denise is a great player and one of the better female winners, but I don't think she was anymore strategic than Lisa, and she definitely wasnt anymore likeable or better socially in my opinion. - morrislawes

Was such a great player this season and deservedly won Fan Favorite. She also wanted to vote out Denise at 5, the right move, but her dumb sidekick Skupin nixed it, which cost her the game.

21 Hayden Moss - 6th Place - Blood vs. Water

This guy would have won if he wasn’t in the minority. He convinced Ciera to go to a rock draw that could have landed him a spot at the Final Tribal.

22 Lindsey Richter - 11th Place - Africa

She could have won if she hadn't trusted Brandon. If she played more agresively in Africa she could have won. I bet she could make the jury if not win a second season.

23 Holly Hoffman - 4th Place - Nicaragua

Really underrated player. Probably the best player of Nicaragua and one immunity from winning the game.

24 Trish Hegarty - 5th Place - Cagayan

Did most of Tony's dirty work for him. Tony could have never won this season without Trish.

I wish she had won Cagayan instead of tony. - morrislawes

25 Mike Chiesl - 7th Place - Redemption Island

Underrated player. Was the one in charge of Zapatera and everyone wanted to take him to the end, like Boston Rob on Ometepe except unlike Boston Rob he was the biggest jury threat. Wrecks everyone in a jury vote, is also strategic, great socially, and very good at challenges. If Matt and Andrea werent idiots and flipped he easily wins this season.

26 John Carroll - 9th Place - Marquesas

People forget he was running this whole season, and if Neleh did not flip the vote that one time probably runs away with it.

27 Matthew Elrod - 7th Place - Redemption Island

His strategic game was a joke but both his social and physical games were dominant. He easily wins a jury vote on likeability alone, and had the challenge and immunity dominance to make it no problem with the Redemption Island concept. Had the final Redemption Island challenge not been a joke probably wins this season. Is a 1 time player, but would have been a 3 or 4 time player by now if he wanted to be.

28 Ashley Underwood - 4th Place - Redemption Island

Overrated. I know some say she was 1 challenge from winning, but I think even that is debateable. The only sure thing is she wins over Phillip and Natalie 100% for sure. Rob might not have been voted out, Phillip and Natalie are probably both reluctant to vote him. Ashley herself isn't even sure if she would have tried to take Rob out over Phillip. And if she is against Rob while she might win, it is far from certain. She was far from the most likeable Ometepe which would be someone like Matt or Grant, even probably Andrea was over her, and Rob was not as despised as some like to think either. She also would have been gone 3 tribals from the end without her only 2 immunity wins all game. And she had no idea she was on the chopping block at all. - morrislawes

One challenge away from winning the game, and the one who scared Boston Rob at the end.

29 Ben Henry - 7th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua

Was really unlucky. If he isn't voted out when he was goes all the way. And he beats everyone in a jury vote, including Fabio.

30 Paschal English - 4th Place - Marquesas

But for bogus rock tiebreaking rule where he was eligible to go while getting no votes, he easily wins this season.

Is an old pervert who was hitting on Neleh who is young enough to be his granddaughter. - morrislawes

31 Kim Powers - 6th Place - Survivor Africa

One of my all time favorite players.

32 Tyler Fredrickson - 7th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Huge threat, was taken out due to what a threat he was.

33 Mike Holloway - Winner - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Not good in any area except challenges and nearly lost 3 votes to Will. - morrislawes

Best immunity run ever.

34 Carolyn Rivera - 2nd Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Played awesome game, was robbed by bitter jury prejudiced against older women. Also that baby Rodney couldn't let go that she wouldn't give up her reward to him just because it was his birthday.

35 Donathan Hurley - 5th Place - Ghost Island

Sweetheart, easily wins a jury vote against everyone if he makes the end!

Great player. Only one who knew what the other dumbies didn't. That Wendell and Dom had to be voted out to win.

Hot mess of a player but he was effing hilarious. One of the high points of the season.

36 Dave Ball - 8th Place - Samoa
37 Michele Fitzgerald - Winner - Survivor Kaoh Rong
38 Susie Smith - 2nd Place - Gabon
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