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1 Chris Daugherty - Winner - Survivor: Vanuatu

I love Chris but how on earth is he over Kim on this list!?

2 Kim Spradlin - Winner - Survivor: One World
3 Todd Herzog - Winner - Survivor: China

He isn't rated higher due to some homophobic people since he is gay.

People who aren't voting him are judging him by his being an alcoholic and not his Survivor game and abilities. Clearly the best 1 time player ever, other than maybe Kim Spradlin, and even Kim played in a way weaker cast so it isn't really a fair comparision.

4 Grant Mattos - 8th Place - Survivor: Redemption Island

A true triple threat who is outstanding in physical activities and challenges, has one of the best social games and would always win a jury vote against anyone, and is also strategic and intelligent. Had he not been on a season with an experienced master like Rob, or Rob gave in to their friendship and brought him to the end, he would have won Redemption Island hands down. Could easily win a second season someday. - feisty37

Strong at challenges and great social game. Was unlucky not to win his season and would do great on a return.

Would love to see him on a Second Chances type season. Would probably win.

Way better player than Ciera. Should be over her on the list.

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5 Yul Kwon - Winner - Survivor: Cook Islands
6 Brian Heidek - Winner - Survivor: Thailand
7 Ciera Eastin - 5th Place - Survivor: Blood vs Water

Let's not forget that "Blood vs Water" was only just last season. Maybe Ciera WILL come back in a future season.

8 Danni Boatwright - Winner - Survivor: Guatemala
9 Stephen Fisbach - 2nd Place - Survivor: Tocantins
10 Natalie Bolten - 4th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

The Contenders

11 Brett Clouser - 4th Place - Survivor: Samoa

Would have easily beaten everyone in a jury vote, including Natalie or Russell. By far best social and physical player of season, and strategi too.

12 Justin Jay Starrett - Survivor Millennials vs Generation X

Great player, who was very close to winning that season. Beats everyone in a jury vote, even David.

Would have crushed Adam easily in a jury vote.

13 Natalie Anderson - Winner - Survivor: San Juan Del Sur
14 Eddie Fox - 4th Place - Survivor: Caramoan
15 Earl Cole - Winner - Survivor: Fiji
16 Holly Hoffman - 4th Place - Nicaragua

Really underrated player. Probably the best player of Nicaragua and one immunity from winning the game.

17 Cydney Gillon - 4th place - Survivor Kaoh Rong

Awesome player! Was one fire challenge from winning the game, I am sure of it.

18 Trish Hegarty - 5th Place - Cagayan

Did most of Tony's dirty work for him. Tony could have never won this season without Trish.

19 Mike Chiesl - 7th Place - Redemption Island

Underrated player. Was the one in charge of Zapatera and everyone wanted to take him to the end, like Boston Rob on Ometepe except unlike Boston Rob he was the biggest jury threat. Wrecks everyone in a jury vote, is also strategic, great socially, and very good at challenges. If Matt and Andrea werent idiots and flipped he easily wins this season.

20 John Carroll - 9th Place - Marquesas

People forget he was running this whole season, and if Neleh did not flip the vote that one time probably runs away with it.

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1. Chris Daugherty - Winner - Survivor: Vanuatu
2. Kim Spradlin - Winner - Survivor: One World
3. Todd Herzog - Winner - Survivor: China


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